People Around the League Are Watching the Bears For Possible Job Openings

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People Around the League Are Watching the Bears For Possible Job Openings

Chicago Bears

A football’s shape makes it impossible to predict which direction it will go after it hits the ground. It’s one of those things the dorky side of me likes about that game they play on Sundays. Part of that is rooted in the symbolism. No one ever really knows how the ball will bounce, which is fascinating and among the reasons we watch.

It’s also a nice avenue to discuss something new on the rumor mill – because when the Chicago Bears were 5-1, predicting that we’d be writing about sweeping organizational changes just 5-7 weeks later later would’ve been unfathomable.

In fact, it wasn’t that long ago that league circles had GM Ryan Pace and Head Coach Matt Nagy positioning themselves to make another run at finding a long-term quarterback solution. But because they’ve lost six straight games, including a couple particularly embarrassing performances, the conversation has ventured elsewhere.

ESPN’s Dan Graziano and Jeremy Fowler report: “People around the league are watching for a possible opening in Chicago at head coach and maybe even at GM.”

The reporters continue, adding the Bears could be starting fresh with a new GM, head coach, and even quarterback in 2021. And if that’s the case, the tandem reports the Bears’ entire roster “could be subject to a reset.” In other words, Bears fans could be on the verge of getting a clean slate at various levels as soon as next season.

From envisioning a run at the postseason to cleaning house. How’s that for the unpredictable bouncing ball?

Had the Bears parlayed their 5-1 start into something more than a 5-7 record, Pace and Nagy would’ve positioned themselves at another spin at the wheel on the quarterback position. To take it a step further, those two could have reasonably been eyeing extensions. Let’s face it, allowing a GM and coach to pick a quarterback without providing them the opportunity to see it through doesn’t make sense. But because the Bears flopped after the 5-1 start, the league has its eyes on Chicago for possible openings (plural) at key spots.

I suppose that’s why we keep our eyes on the ball. Because we never truly know which way it will bounce.

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Author: Luis Medina

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