The Texans-Deshaun Watson Drama is Out There in the Open Now (UPDATE: Some Chicago Fun, Too)

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The Texans-Deshaun Watson Drama is Out There in the Open Now (UPDATE: Some Chicago Fun, Too)

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A day that began with some buzz regarding the possibility of Deshaun Watson asking for a trade out of Houston if things weren’t going to his liking now features confirmation that things aren’t going to his liking.

The drama is out there for all to see:

Rapoport has since added that Watson isn’t specifically upset with the hire of GM Nick Caserio, but was instead upset by the process (namely, that he wasn’t involved, when he was previously told he would be). No matter where you stand, I think we can all agree about the importance of keeping your word. And if you do, then you can understand why Watson is reportedly “extremely unhappy” with the current state of things. That the Texans have failed to link up with Watson despite calling him says all we need to know.

Further complicating matters is that this is NOT the first time this has happened. Last year, the Texans traded star receiver DeAndre Hopkins without even a mention to Watson. And as ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports, that was a series of decisions that was not taken lightly. So with a similar thing happening again, Schefter reports the Texans “clearly have an unhappy quarterback on their hands.” Do teams ever learn lessons?

What’s next will shake out over the coming weeks and months. Having a disgruntled star doesn’t bode well for a new GM and a franchise rotting around that star QB. Watson could demand a trade, which would cause the Texans to take the hit of a cap charge worth $22 million. Although, as Schefter points out, a combination of players and draft picks could help bridge that gap and make it worth doing business.

Nevertheless, we’ve got drama on our hands in Houston. And more than that, we have drama featuring a star player at a position the Bears could clearly use some help filling. The last time these stars aligned was when the Khalil Mack deal went down. So while I’m not saying that’s going to happen, the blueprint is out there. Just saying…

UPDATE: It seems Watson is having himself some fun with this today. I think after he saw this making the rounds:

He did this:

Author: Luis Medina

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