Deshaun Watson Has Played His “Last Snap for the Texans” and Wants to Go to Miami

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Deshaun Watson Has Played His “Last Snap for the Texans” and Wants to Go to Miami

Chicago Bears

Well, crap. The Bears offseason dream of undoing one of their biggest ever draft mistakes seems to be ending before it even truly got started.

Deshaun Watson may already be out the door in Houston, but he wants his plane ticket to read “Miami,” not “Chicago” when the final handshakes are done:

There’s been no shortage of reporting on Watson’s unhappiness with the way things have gone in Houston over the past couple years, so there’s no real surprise here on his (1) desire or (2) ability to get out of Houston. Indeed, that’s what we were counting on as the Bears same old front office prioritizes the quarterback position once again this offseason. The bigger (but worse for Chicago) news is that Watson wants to go to the Dolphins – a team that can surely put an enticing enough deal on the table, especially if they include Tua Tagovailoa plus some first rounders (including, potentially, a top pick this year).

(And it’s not just Miami)

The Bears, you’ll recall, pick 20th.

No, trading for Deshaun Watson wouldn’t absolve the Bears of their past sins and would certainly cost a lot to get done. But this team is HUNGRY for a franchise quarterback. And at least trading for an established, prime-aged talent like Watson wouldn’t require too much buy-in or belief in Pace/Nagy. We know he’s a star. And we know the Bears need one. We’re not past the point of return, but if Houston is going to trade Watson, Miami sure seems to line up with them better than Chicago.

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Author: Michael Cerami

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