NFL Hiring Practices Under Fire, What New DC Must Know, 'What Would You Say You Do Here?' And Other Bears Bullets

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NFL Hiring Practices Under Fire, What New DC Must Know, ‘What Would You Say You Do Here?’ And Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

Balancing The Bachelor and the Bulls on a Monday is why I’m glad I bought two televisions for the same space.

•   I think there’s legitimate beef here:

•   The coach-hiring period began with seven head-coach openings. All but two of said openings have been filled, and none by Black coaches. This after an offseason in which the NFL pushed for more inclusivity and open-mindedness in the interview and hiring process. I don’t have all the answers, but I know when something doesn’t look or feel right. My hope is that the NFL’s talk of change was more than just that. With that being said, I encourage reading the pieces in the tweets above.

•   For the record, the Bears shouldn’t be exempt from this — even though they aren’t hiring a head coach. So while I’m glad the Bears have requested an interview with Cowboys Senior Defensive Assistant George Edwards, my hope is that he gets serious consideration for the gig. Moreover, I hope this isn’t an interview with the intent of skating past the league’s interview rules. For what it’s worth, Edwards was the only known Black candidate the Bears interviewed for their head-coach opening in 2018. I hope he’s not the only one who gets a call for the defensive coordinator vacancy.

•   Whomever the Bears hire to run the defense better understand coverages:

•   Sigh. Another Roquan Smith snub:

•   What changes will occur on the other side of the ball are yet to be determined, but the need to shake things up is undeniable. Over at Bear Report, Andrew Freeman breaks down areas where the offense improved (yes, they exist!):


•   Yikes:

•   For your listening pleasure:

•   Well, that sounds painful on several fronts:

•   We discussed Justin Fields entering the NFL Draft, but he wasn’t alone in making the big decision at Ohio State:

•   I’m surprised (and a bit disappointed) to see Chris Olave return to campus. Then again, another strong year for the Buckeyes would cement his status as a first-round receiver. Had Olave declared for the 2021 NFL Draft, I think he would’ve been one of those first-round caliber talents who slipped to Round 2. On the other side of the ledger, Wyatt Davis is an excellent offensive line prospect whose stock we’ll keep tabs on in the lead-up to draft day. There was a point when Davis was mocked to the Bears, which is always something we like to be mindful of as we accumulate knowledge on prospects.

•   Bob from the cult classic Office Space has a question for Bears President/CEO Ted Phillips:

•   Get in line, you two:

•   Oh …

•   (Michael: But my fantasy season was already ruined …)

Author: Luis Medina

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