Aaron Rodgers Sounds Like a Guy Who Regrets Sounding Like a Guy Saying Goodbye

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Aaron Rodgers Sounds Like a Guy Who Regrets Sounding Like a Guy Saying Goodbye

Chicago Bears

In the moments after losing another NFC Championship Game, an emotionally raw Aaron Rodgers sounded like a guy that reporters who cover him closely believed was saying goodbye.

But after a few days, Rodgers has resurfaced to clear the air:

Now that we’ve had some time to cool off, let’s properly contextualize Rodgers’ words. Because it’s evident that his postgame tone on Sunday was a mix of a great many things. Frustration after a loss, a bit of negging toward the front office as he pries for some help in the offseason, some coaxing for a restructured deal, and finally, a use of his leverage to inspire the franchise to max out during the waning moments of his career. So I’m sorry if you were hoping Rodgers would force his way out of Green Bay this winter. Although, I’ll admit it was fun to think about for that snapshot in time.

In the end, Rodgers sounds like a player who knows the reality of football mortality. Moreover, he sounds like someone who regrets sounding like a guy who was saying goodbye. Rodgers didn’t express himself in an ideal way after the loss. Then again, that happens when you allow yourself to be honest and vulnerable. He knows he can’t play forever, realizes swings at the Lombardi Trophy aren’t a given, and has seen how this team has moved on from aging Hall of Fame quarterbacks in the past. All in all, the message should’ve been received loud and clear by all parties.

… There’s still going to be a crazy QB rotation to follow:

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.