QB Nightmares, Warning for Stafford Stock, Trubisky's Ring, and Other Bears Bullets

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QB Nightmares, Warning for Stafford Stock, Trubisky’s Ring, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

On this date in 1986, Bears fans were waking up with a Super Bowl hangover. If you’re curious to read a “where are they now?” on those guys, the Bears’ official website has you covered. Meanwhile, 12,784 days have passed since Chicago’s football team has won a Super Bowl. Grumble.

•   If you thought the Bears’ relationship with quarterbacks was tenuous, then check out what’s happening with the Rams:

•   It sure sounds like the Rams have buyer’s remorse when it comes to signing Jared Goff to that mega-deal before 2019. That they’re talking this way about him before the big-money kicks in tells us everything we need to know. Further complicating things is that there’s no easy escape. Sure, trading Goff is an option that helps the Rams. But what team is willing to trade for a fully-guaranteed $43 million over the next two years? Oh no. Don’t even think about it…

•   I’ve long thought the Rams blueprint was one worth following. But we’ve since learned the only thing as bad as whiffing on the QB altogether is paying one who isn’t worth it, then watching your flexibility around the position fall apart. The Rams are stuck between a rock and a hard place with an incoming boulder preparing to crash the party.

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•   I mean, if anyone knows QB nightmares…

•   Over at PFF, Kevin Cole drops a buyer beware tag on Matthew Stafford. Stafford and the Lions are parting ways this offseason, which should result in Detroit landing at least a first-round pick for the veteran quarterback. However, Cole warns that inquiring teams should temper their expectations with regards to what they think they’re getting in return. To be fair, Stafford brings a high floor, competency, and steady above-average play. But in what looks like a good time to be selling exactly that, the market figures to drive the price up to beyond what it probably should be. Just keep that in mind as we travel through this process.

•   NFL.com analyst David Carr lists the Bears as one of six teams that should trade for Stafford. Nothing juicy here, just a reminder that Chicago’s football team will be linked to any and every quarterback on the market this offseason. And there will be a lot.

•   Following the offseason quarterback carousel will be a treat:

•   There’s at least some clarity with Aaron Rodgers, who sounded like a guy who regrets sounding like a guy saying goodbye the other night. Packers CEO Mark Murphy told WNFL in Green Bay: “There’s no way in heck Aaron is not gonna be on the Packers. He’s going to be the MVP of the league, might have had his best year ever, he’s our unquestioned leader, and we’re not idiots.” Idiots or not, I expect the Packers to massage Rodgers’ angst this offseason with some sort of contractual boost and security. And if I wanted to be extra bold, I think there’s a non-zero chance we’re hearing Jordan Love trade rumors next offseason.

•   In case you cared, I’m still miffed about the Greg Olsen trade:

•   Imagine trading a player who would go on to become the prototype at the position because you had no idea how to properly use him within a modern offensive scheme. There’s a reason Mike Martz isn’t coaching in the NFL any more, ya know?

•   OK. Cool. Please extend him:

•   Sure, I realize return specialists are a dying breed. But the Bears have gone from one of the worst teams in terms of field position to one of the best with Patterson’s arrival. And so long as your quarterback situation is unsolved, every “small” advantage (in this case, field position) shouldn’t be taken for granted.

•   Back off, you heathens:

•   Congrats are in order:

•   Tony Romo isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but ballgames are fun when he calls them. There’s no denying that:

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•   One of my guilty pleasures is watching new Chicagoans deal with their first taste of snow:


Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.