More Texans Drama, Math Says Re-Sign A-Rob, and Other Bears Bullets

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More Texans Drama, Math Says Re-Sign A-Rob, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

I’m having a hard time finding a reasonable NFL comparison for sending $50 million to another team just to take your best player. But by all means, tell me MLB isn’t broken.

•   Deshaun Watson wants out of Houston. But the Texans have taken the public stance that they don’t want to trade him. And in the end, we’ve got a good, old-fashioned Texas showdown:

•   This all feels so familiar.

•   And in more Texans drama, the long-time star on the other side of the ball appears to be moving toward a parting of ways:

•   The Texans are essentially on the verge of moving on from two franchise icons in the same offseason. Deshaun Watson is a star quarterback who is a generational talent. JJ Watt is a three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year who was the long-time face of the franchise before Watson’s arrival. Those are players you should be building around. More than that, players who management should be involving when it comes to making key organizational decisions. Being that good on the field and off of it should come with some perks … right? Ultimately, it’s mind-blowing that it’s even gotten to this point. But it’s probably for the best that all parties move on and give a new coach and front office the clean start that is clearly desired by the folks in charge.

•   Remember this?

•   Or this?

•   Yeah … those guys deserve better.

•   To the extent that you’re thinking, yes, I am curious about the idea of adding Watt to this Bears defense. I wouldn’t go as far to push for a trade. But if the Texans release Watt, it would save them $17.5 million without incurring the cost of any dead money. In other words, if Watt became available on the free market, I’d have minimal issue with the Bears pursuing him.

•   Perhaps the Pewaukee, Wis., native wants to play closer to home. Maybe Watt would consider playing in Chicago, where his wife Kealia Ohai plays for the Chicago Red Stars of the NWSL. This might come off as pie-in-the-sky thinking, but the last time the Bears were pressed with fixing the quarterback position in the offseason, they bulked up the defense by signing pass-rusher Robert Quinn and re-singing linebacker Danny Trevathan. So it’s not like pushing for Watt would be an unprecedented move.

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

•   And if all else fails, make him the quarterback? Hey, don’t give me that look! The Bears have tried it with worse players.

•   A quality read from Johnathan Wood of Da Bears Blog, whose numbers drive home how important Allen Robinson is to this offense:

•   No matter which quarterback the Bears land on this offseason, they’ll need someone to throw to when the games begin. And Robinson should be the guy.

•   Some more quality reading, this time from Dan Wiederer of the Tribune, who underscores how the Bears offense needs more than Deshaun Watson to be what we want it to be. However, I cannot overstate how much better everyone looks with a real quarterback taking snaps. Watson led the league in passing last year with his best receiver suspended for the final five games of the year,

•   Wonderful news:

•   Dom Capers is making his way around the NFC North. Bears next?

•   This is what it sounds like when your humanoid coaching droid malfunctions on camera:

Author: Luis Medina

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