REPORT: The Bears Are One Of Seven Teams "Solidly In" the Matthew Stafford Sweepstakes

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REPORT: The Bears Are One Of Seven Teams “Solidly In” the Matthew Stafford Sweepstakes

Chicago Bears

UPDATE UP TOP: Stafford is going to the Rams. Original post follows.

In case you missed it, Brett did a bang-up job of rounding up a heap of quarterback rumors that flooded the web over the last 12-24 hours. You should give it a read when you get some time.

In the meantime,’s Albert Breer shares some interesting information regarding the Chicago Bears’ pursuit of an upgrade at the position. Taking time to field NFL questions on Periscope during the Senior Bowl, Breer was asked about Matthew Stafford’s future, which might pique Bears fans’ interest.

Breer reports that the Lions have been talking about a Stafford trade with teams at the Senior Bowl this week, adding that interest has been strong in the days since news broke about the two sides parting ways. He also offers the nugget that Detroit seems to be looking to deal Stafford before the Super Bowl. As for the interested teams, Breer offers up a few, and you’ll want to read all the way through:

“I can give you seven teams that I know are solidly in it,” Breer said. “That would be Washington, Carolina, New England, Indianapolis, Chicago —  ehhhh, San Francisco and L.A. we’ll see.”

The pause regarding the California teams came as Breer hinted that their offers might not be as tempting as others in the race. And that while Stafford might prefer to take his talents out west, the Lions might be more keen on finding the right deal for them and less about finding the best fit for Stafford.

And, yes, that very specifically includes the Chicago Bears:

Sure, they may be casting a wide net already anyway, but the Bears are “solidly in” the sweepstakes for Matthew Stafford. How about that?

To be sure, prior reports surfaced that about one-third of the league checking in on Stafford’s availability. But Breer lists seven teams as “solidly in it,” and that does seem to say at least a little bit more about their efforts than casual interest. And remember, the Bears have a clear need at the position. And the expectation is that they’ll take a big swing this offseason – indeed, GM Ryan Pace said as much at the team’s season-ending press conference. Obviously, some big swings are more realistic than others. And I’m surely uncertain about Detroit’s willingness to trade Stafford within the division. But hearing that the Bears are involved in some capacity is enough for me to follow and share right now.

As for the potential cost of doing business, Breer believes that Detroit will get at least a first-round pick — perhaps a first-rounder and a bit more — and that the price was “going up” as time went on. This is important to note, as you’d have to assume that the Bears would have to clearly beat the field to end up with Stafford.

It’s also good to keep the trade record of Bears GM Ryan Pace in mind. He has a tendency to go over the top. And while we don’t know if Stafford is the QB Pace covets, that propensity for the big deal is worth remembering … especially if he thinks it might save his job.

For the full Breer periscope experience, you can check out the video below:

Michael Cerami contributed to this post.

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