Michael Vick Says He'll Tell Deshaun Watson to Consider a Trade to the Bears

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Michael Vick Says He’ll Tell Deshaun Watson to Consider a Trade to the Bears

Chicago Bears

The wildest pursuits make for strange bedfellows.

Admittedly, the Bears’ chances of trading for Texans star quarterback Deshaun Watson are a long-shot. They’ll need to come up with an offer enticing enough for the Texans to pull the trigger and convince Watson to waive his no-trade clause. And to further complicate matters, the Bears need to do all that while also hoping that someone else doesn’t make a better offer and that Watson doesn’t want to go somewhere else. In other words, the Bears could use every advantage they can get.

Enter retired NFL quarterback Michael Vick.

In an interview with Fox Sports 1’s Nick Wright, Vick talked about his relationship with Watson. It’s apparently so close, that Vick said he planned on talking to Watson about his future in the NFL. On top of that, Vick said he would pass on some advice on where Watson should take his talents now that he has requested a trade out of Houston.

Vick’s suggestion: “If I’m his agent, I’m pushing to get with the best team. I’m looking to get with the San Francisco 49ers or the Chicago Bears. Need some defense. Need some weapons. Those teams are short of a quarterback. If a deal can be made, a deal can be made with D-Wat.”

Nothing like having a Pro Bowl quarterback in your corner and willing to put in a good word. Because while the Bears figure to make an aggressive push for Watson, there’s nothing wrong with having an outside push. It’s the little things that add up, after all. And for Vick, he sees some things adding up in the Bears’ favor. He mentions defense, which the Bears have finished in the top-10 of Football Outsiders’ DVOA the last three seasons. And weapons, of which the Bears have in Darnell Mooney, David Montgomery, Cole Kmet, and (potentially) Allen Robinson (if he returns via an extension or Franchise Tag). All in all, it’s not an awful situation for a quarterback to enter.

The 49ers are no slouch in this. They have a quarterback guru for a head coach in Kyle Shanahan, a rotation of running backs, an elite tight end, and some solid pass-catchers. But still … if Vick thinks the Bears are worthy of being in the same conversation as the 49ers, that’s good company.

All of this to say that I don’t think Vick’s words will move the needle one way or another. But it’s one of those “can’t hurt, could help” situations. And if it helps nudge Watson toward Chicago, thank you cards to Vick’s address might be in order.

For more Vick, check out the video below:

Author: Luis Medina

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