REPORT: A Carson Wentz Trade Expected "In the Coming Days"

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REPORT: A Carson Wentz Trade Expected “In the Coming Days”

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It’s the penultimate night of the NFL’s season. Super Bowl eve is here. And rather than dive into a matchup featuring Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady in the big game, I’m all in on following the possibilities of Carson Wentz being the guy responsible for leading the Bears to Super Bowl LVI. It is a potentially very scary, and/or titillating moving off of which I cannot take my eyes …

•   I understand skepticism when it comes to a flurry of trade rumors, but you know it’s got some legs when ESPN’s Adam Schefter and NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport drop reports like this:

•   Based on the phrasing from Schefter and Rapoport, doesn’t it feel like a deal is done? Or perhaps close enough to being done, but won’t be pushed publicly because it’s the Saturday before the Super Bowl? And it’s not just that the big game is tomorrow; we’re getting league awards tonight and Hall of Fame inductions, too. You’d imagine the NFL would hate for this type of trade to steal some headlines. Anyway, I digress.

•   The expectation is now that the Eagles will trade Carson Wentz. And soon! Despite a ridiculous ask! Per Schefter’s reporting, the Eagles are “said to be looking for, in the words of one well-placed source, ‘a Matthew Stafford package’ in return the Wentz.” If you’ll recall, the Rams traded first-round picks in 2022 and 2023, as well as a 2021 third-rounder, plus Jared Goff to get back Matthew Stafford. For what it’s worth, fellow NFL reporter Greg A. Bedard (Twitter) chimes in to add that the Eagles’ ask of two first-round picks “has led to some dial tones, including from one team previously perceived to be a favored landing spot.” Meanwhile, Albert Breer (’s The MMQB) tweets his belief that Philadelphia will receive less than that in return for Wentz. It’s a matter of how much less at this point.

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•   With all this smoke, teams shouldn’t be caving into Philly’s demands. Based on how the last few days have gone, the Eagles have essentially painted themselves into a corner in which they need to trade Wentz. I mean, good luck bringing him back after this ridiculousness.

•   I understand you can’t get what you don’t ask for, but this is a silly ask for a lot of reasons. Not the least of which is that the Lions got a better package in part *because they took back Goff’s contract.* Are the Eagles ready to eat in return? And how much would they have to eat to get two firsts for Wentz (and HIS contract!)?

•   Speaking of the contract:

•   Restructuring is an option that isn’t out of the question. In fact, restructuring the deal at various points could turn out being what pushes this deal into motion and gets it done in the end. Moreover, Wentz insisting on restructuring his end of the deal could be what facilitates this trade when it’s all said and done.

•   These tweets raised my eyebrows:

•   Well, this is cryptic.

•   Is this a coincidence or ????

•   A prominent ESPN personality/NFL analyst doesn’t believe the Bears are the best option for Wentz:

•   Then again, the Eagles are more likely to care about what’s best for their team and less about what’s best for Wentz.

•   That’s one word for it:

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