Yes, We've Seen the Report About the Bears Trading Cohen, Foles, and a First for Carson Wentz (UPDATE: Tarik Says He's 'Locked In')

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Yes, We’ve Seen the Report About the Bears Trading Cohen, Foles, and a First for Carson Wentz (UPDATE: Tarik Says He’s ‘Locked In’)

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The rumors have been flying absurdly today on the Carson Wentz front, and behind-the-scenes, the chatter about the Bears, specifically, has been kinda ridiculous the last two days.

It is for that reason, and because the latest reports had Wentz out the door within the next few days, that I want to give all the heads up that, yes, we’ve seen this:

At the moment, I can’t vouch for the report, and sometimes folks in the media who aren’t newsbreakers will hear things and be right. Sometimes, they’ll hear things from a source who doesn’t use a proper filter, and they’ll get it wrong.

But this is sufficiently a big deal that we wanted to get it out in front of you tonight in case it escalates.

The question is … does it track? Sure, the Bears have the huge and obvious near-term need, and sure, there’s the John DeFilippo connection. But is that enough to say, yeah, I buy this?

As I sit here right now, it’s hard for me to see this being fair value for a guy who looked busted out in 2020, and who is guaranteed a lot of money over the next two years at least. The inclusion of Foles would soften the cap implications from the Bears’ perspective, though if there were another offensive player included … is it going to be another well-salaried player the Bears want to move out? Or a legit inclusion? Or a mix like Cohen, who could come back strong and valuable, but obviously is now on his extension. Either way, not a lot of talent they can afford to give up if they want to compete with Wentz as the starter in 2021.

And a first rounder? That’s a significant bit of capital to give up on a roll of the dice like Wentz. He could be the guy he was two years ago, and you are a genius. Or, he could be deep in a downward decline, and you just replaced your bad quarterback situation with an expensive bad quarterback situation.

Stay tuned. We wouldn’t expect a deal to be announced tonight or tomorrow – kind of a big time for the NFL – but if it’s agreed to? The details and confirmations might trickle out.

UPDATE – Tarik Cohen chimes in:

UPDATE II – Add it to the rumor pile:

Author: Brett Taylor

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