We Made It To Super Bowl Sunday! And Other Bears Bullets

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We Made It To Super Bowl Sunday! And Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

Are you in search of a last-minute big-game meal to cook up tonight? Check out my friend Jim’s short-rib chili, which is superb on so many levels. Chow down today, have some leftovers for tomorrow, and don’t leave your house unless you have to do so. It’s cold and you don’t need to deal with that nonsense.

•   The Bears did not trade for a quarterback while you were sleeping. But if you need to catch up, we’ve got you covered. There was a big Carson Wentz rumor last night in which the Bears were nearing a deal with the Eagles that would send Nick Foles and Tarik Cohen to Philly. That one was an eye-opener. And while Cohen tweeted he talked to GM Ryan Pace and Head Coach Matt Nagy, adding he was “locked in” to Chicago, this was sufficiently a big enough deal that we needed to get it in front of you. Especially since it was reported that a trade was expected “in the coming days.” The waves of hints suggesting a deal could be brokered “sooner rather than later” has us on Obsessive Wentz Watch.

•   Pulling off a deal for Wentz takes a whole lotta nerve (and just a little bit of gumption) because it’ll be a tough sell for the fanbase based on last year’s production:

•   On the other end of the spectrum, fun facts can be fun:

•   Nothing sums up the Bears fan experience like obsessively following trade rumors of a quarterback you hope is a significant upgrade (but might not be) while the Packers quarterback collects his third MVP award at age 37. Football can be painful, even for those of us who aren’t putting on helmets and shoulder pads.

•   This is a trip down memory lane:

•   From the Eagles side of things:


•   I’m a believer in the idea that if “you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.” But with that being said, it sounds like the Saints played stupid games in skirting COVID protocols throughout 2020. And if that turns out to be the case, they should be in for some serious punishment. The reporting from Tom Pelissero and Ian Rapoport (NFL.com) is eye-opening.

•   On the one hand, I’m glad the NFL was able to play a full schedule and get to Super Bowl Sunday. However, I’m also reminded that had we – as a society – been given the resources the NFL had and shown the restraint that many players, coaches, and staffers showed in their isolation tactics, we might be better off now than where we are currently sitting.

•   Something to keep an eye on with the Super Bowl being the only thing remaining between us and the offseason:

•   I hate that Peanut never got his ring:

•   That makes two of us…

•   … then again, I’d like to talk about something I was alive to see. So … how about we get to cracking on a third Super Bowl appearance?

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

•  Seriously, it’s a black-and-white photo. Go win a Super Bowl in an era where black-and-white photography is done for the sake of nuance with a wink-and-a-nod to the olden days.

•   Former Bears lineman Ted Larsen gets his Super Bowl shot:

•   Patrick Mahomes is on a trajectory unlike anything I’ve ever seen:

•   And it sounds like his offensive coordinator is sticking around, even though his contract is expiring:

•   The NFL lost one of its best and most respected reporters:

•   Friend of the program Alex Patt is pivoting to sharing his sports thoughts in blog form. If you’re following us, you’ve likely come across his tweets in the past. So check out his new venture here.

•   Last call for the big sports betting promos today if you’re wanting to get a little extra scratch while you watch the Super Bowl. I can’t guarantee it, but we’ve now been doing this a while, and I suspect these are the best promos you’ll see for a good bit. Just go here and scroll through the latest promo posts. They are good, and we appreciate your support.

Author: Luis Medina

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