John DeFilippo Gets a Promotion, But I Wouldn't Read Too Much Into It (Yet)

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John DeFilippo Gets a Promotion, But I Wouldn’t Read Too Much Into It (Yet)

Chicago Bears

When Dave Ragone left to join the Falcons, it left the Bears without a Pass Game Coordinator.

But rather than seek a coach from the outside, the Bears went the internal promotion route:

Quarterbacks Coach John DeFilippo adds the Pass Game Coordinator title to his résumé.

Seeing this move cross the wires has some reading tea leaves and believing this could be a sign that a Carson Wentz trade is on the horizon. I would caution against that line of thinking. Although, for what it’s worth, I get where you’re coming from if that’s your thought. I understand how this news could correlate to a future move for some. It’s just that I wouldn’t jump to that conclusion just yet.

For instance, ask yourself what Derek Carr, Kirk Cousins, and Gardner Minshew have in common. If you knew that the answer was that DeFilippo coached each of these quarterbacks rumored to be on the trade market at previous stops, then congratulations. You’ve earned a virtual high-five from me.

So, in other words, just because DeFilippo has had his hands on Wentz, it doesn’t mean that’s the quarterback the Bears are trading for this offseason. It could still happen. And having DeFilippo on staff could help smooth over a hypothetical transition if a trade gets done. However, it doesn’t feel as imminent as some have hinted in the past.

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