Obsessive Carson Wentz Watch: Colts Are "Definitely In" and a Decision is Expected This Week

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Obsessive Carson Wentz Watch: Colts Are “Definitely In” and a Decision is Expected This Week

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The Super Bowl is over, which means the offseason is here for all 32 teams. And from the perspective of those of us obsessing over potential quarterback movement, it could mean we’re getting closer to the next blockbuster trade.

Over the weekend, reports surfaced that a Carson Wentz trade was expected “in the coming days” after the Super Bowl. And yes, we’ve seen the reports about the Bears inching toward a deal that sends Nick Foles, Tarik Cohen, and a first-round pick for Wentz. As for the latest, more confirmation from ESPN’s Adam Schefter that a Wentz deal is happening sooner rather than later:

Schefter believes there has been enough interest, specifically name-checking the Bears and Colts, that a Wentz deal could go down “this week.” Man the torpedoes! At this point, it seems like it’ll come dow to which deal the Eagles like most. So consider me on high alert.

Schefter is the latest to note that Philly was looking for a return similar to that of what the Lions were given for trading away Matthew Stafford. Two future first-round picks and a third-rounder for Stafford sets a high bar, to be sure. But Wentz’s floor isn’t as high as Stafford’s, while the durability issues are far more problematic with Wentz than Stafford. So, through that lens, it’s tough to see the Eagles getting the same return.

Then again, I know better than to count out a desperate team blowing Philly’s socks off.

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More smoke? Why not! NJ.com’s Mike Kaye hears that a Wentz deal could happen Monday or Tuesday (as in today or tomorrow). Additionally, Kaye relays the league-wide belief that it will come down to the Colts and Bears. So while Kaye adds a third team is considered to be sniffing around, the Bears and Colts “are in the driver’s seat” and that a deal is “close” to being consummated.

For what it’s worth, I got a kick out of this line in the Kaye piece: While there’s a sense that GM Howie Roseman is trying to drive up the market, the person said Colts GM Chris Ballard and Bears GM Ryan Pace have remained “disciplined” during negotiations.

What’s wild about all this is that the Bears tend to move in silence. Take it however you’d like, but it’s weird to see the Bears name-checked widely and often on such a high-profile deal when Ryan Pace’s stealth-in-nature maneuvering is what we’ve grown accustomed to over the years. Why now? Why with this deal? I’m not sure there’s an answer, but that we’re asking the question is worth noting.

But seriously … let’s not rule out the Colts:

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