Quarterback Rumors: Timing a Wentz Deal, Russell Wilson Wants Clarity, Colts Want Ryan?

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Quarterback Rumors: Timing a Wentz Deal, Russell Wilson Wants Clarity, Colts Want Ryan?

Chicago Bears

The foot ouchie Patrick Mahomes played with in Super Bowl LV will require surgery. That’ll definitely fix his receivers’ hands.

Onward to rumors featuring QBs on the market.

•   Ah, yes. The tug of war in the battle for Carson Wentz continues:

•   I’m guessing those sounds you heard were Howie Roseman backpedaling after thinking (wrongly) that he could get a Matthew Stafford type of return in a deal for Carson Wentz. To be honest, Wentz probably nets multiple firsts in a trade at this time last year. But because the 2020 season happened, and the injury history is what it is, that ship has sailed. At least, it has to this point.

•   Just when we thought things would slow down, former NFL exec (and current analyst) Scott Pioli weighs in to share that the trade process could gain speed again:


•   I’ve long believed that deadlines make for great deal-makers. Whether it’s in an overly competitive fantasy league or in a multi-billion dollar sports entity, putting a deadline in place offers incentive to make something work. So read Pioli’s tweet and know that the third day of the new league year is March 20. In other words, the Eagles have 39 days to work something out with Wentz and whichever team ends up being his next. The clock is ticking, my friends.

•   If you’re not following Bill on Twitter or checking out his podcast, you should fix that. In the meantime, informed speculation provides some additional (and much-needed) perspective:

•   Speaking of Bears looking at other quarterbacks:

•   As noted yesterday, Bears QBs Coach/Pass Game Coordinator John DeFilippo has prior experience with Wentz, Derek Carr, Kirk Cousins, and Gardner Minshew. Or to put it another way, the coach with a fancy new title has had his hands on several QBs who happen to be on this year’s trade market. So let’s not assume the promotion is some sort of precursor to a move for one specific quarterback.

•   But also … take note of this:

•   Meanwhile, I see this as the Colts trying to get the Eagles to pull the trigger on a lesser offer in a Carson Wentz deal:

•   After watching Jared Goff and Matthew Stafford swap places, Matt Ryan’s contract has been upgraded from “immovable” to “umm…I guess anything is possible ¯\_(ツ)_/¯” in terms of trade-ability. But there’s been a feeling that Ryan won’t be on the move, with Falcons owner Arthur Blank expressing confidence that Ryan (and Julio Jones) will return in 2021. Nevertheless, I see this clever ploy and tip my cap toward Indy. Well played.

•   I really got a kick outta this:


•   I got a chuckle out of the idea of NFL GM’s throwing up desperation heaves in Seattle’s general direction in an attempt to pry Russell Wilson away from the Seahawks. But maybe I shouldn’t have been laughing:

•   What if all this Wentz talk is a smokescreen for Ryan Pace’s big swing being a deal for Russell Wilson? (Hey! Don’t give me that look. This is why I’ll often remind you, my beloved readers, to dream the biggest dreams. I’ll never tell you not to dream big on a rumor or a player or anything else, if only so I can do so when the time is right.)

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