David Montgomery Isn't Implying Anything With This Tweet, Right? RIGHT?! (UPDATE: Stand Down, We're in the Clear)

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David Montgomery Isn’t Implying Anything With This Tweet, Right? RIGHT?! (UPDATE: Stand Down, We’re in the Clear)

Chicago Bears

UPDATE: See below. This has been a false alarm. Thank god. I wasn’t ready for that.

We’re all a little tense and on edge, what with the football offseason underway, with frustration about the direction the Bears seem to be taking at the highest levels, and quarterback rumors flying hourly.

So maybe it’s just that stuff that has me reacting too nervously to this David Montgomery tweet. But, yeah, I’m reacting:

HAS been fun? MET some great people? WHY ARE YOU PAST-TENSING THIS, DAVID?!?!?

Hopefully this is just a matter of us all freaking on tenses that don’t actually mean anything, and the Bears would OF COURSE not include a breakout three-down back in a trade for a quarterback (for example). Right? I mean RIGHT?! The timeline is basically entirely full of people freaking out about Montgomery’s tweet, so this will be hilarious if it (hopefully) turns out to be nothing.

UPDATE: WHEW! I think we’re in the clear. Montgomery, himself, liked our follow up about it continuing to be fun to play in Chicago next season.

UPDATE II: Okay, now I feel better.

UPDATE III: Total false alarm.


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