Pettine's Perspective, Long-Snapper Appreciation, What Makes a Good QB? And Other Bears Bullets

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Pettine’s Perspective, Long-Snapper Appreciation, What Makes a Good QB? And Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

I was so excited about new Taylor Swift things this morning that I couldn’t type out a coherent sentence on my phone to express myself. Let’s see if I can do better here.

•   One of my favorite things about having a media job is that you sometimes unintentionally stumble upon a great point. And I think that’s what happens here with David Kaplan:

•   I don’t think this is the message Kap was trying to pass along, but reading his tweet sparked the following thoughts in my mind. Because, he’s right, whoever becomes the Bears’ next quarterback needs to be someone who doesn’t turn it over and can make a few plays with his arm. Ball control and limiting turnovers are keys to winning football. Turnovers cut two ways, as they limit your own offensive ceiling, while also giving your opponents more chances to score. Double whammy. So let’s not overlook that aspect of good quarterbacking.

•   But the real kicker here is finding a quarterback who can make plays with his arm. Ultimately, there comes a point in the game where your quarterback needs to throw his way to victory. It’s inevitable. We saw it most recently with the 2019 49ers. Jimmy Garoppolo was a master in guiding the Niners all the way to a double-digit lead in the Super Bowl. But after that great defense coughed it up, Garoppolo needed to make a few plays in the passing game. He didn’t. In the end, it opened the door for Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs to hoist the Lombardi Trophy. That end zone miss to an open Emmanuel Sanders would haunt me FOREVER if I was a 49ers fan. At minimum, it should serve as a reminder that the difference between having “a guy” and “THE guy” is the ability to make some plays in the passing game.

•   Admittedly, I have concerns about trading up in the draft to take a quarterback. But if that’s what it comes to, I’m open to it if the deal nets the right type of prospect. However, I understand that some are a hard “no” on the concept. To each their own. But before we get too firm in our stances, take this into consideration:

•   I’m digging the Mike Pettine hire as Senior Defensive Assistant. Don’t get me wrong, I see the critiques and criticisms of Packers fans who celebrated Pettine’s dismissal from Green Bay. But Pettine is exactly who the Bears needed to bring into the mix. Chicago needed an experienced defensive mind, steeped in football knowledge, and someone who can dig in with self-scouting with the perspective of having been on the opposite sideline for the last three years. That Pettine has an extensive history as a defensive play-caller helps matters, too. Sean Desai, the Bears’ 37-year-old first-time defensive coordinator now has an experienced assistant to lean on.

•   An interesting tidbit: Of the Bears’ new coaches, they hired three Black Americans (Assistant Defensive Backs Coach Mike Adams, Defensive Line Coach Chris Rumph, and Running Backs Coach Michael Pitre). They’ve also promoted from within Quality Control Coach Henry Burris (Black American) and Sean Desai (Indian-American). The NFL has a long way to go before it reaches the type of hiring diversity it says it strives for publicly. And the Bears still have work to do in order to get the type of progress they desire. However, I see that Matt Nagy is following one Andy Reid trait quite well.

•   A long-snapper appreciation Bullet:

•   Mic’d up David Montgomery for no reason in particular:

•   Sensational photo-editing work:

•   Looking at these numbers hurts me:

•   Good stuff here:

•   A nice gesture, indeed:

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