Who's Gonna QB the Bears in 2021? Dave Wannstedt Says Carson Wentz

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Who’s Gonna QB the Bears in 2021? Dave Wannstedt Says Carson Wentz

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At this time last week, things were heating up on the Carson Wentz front, as it was established that (1) the Eagles were willing and ready to move him, (2) would do so early in the week after the Super Bowl’s conclusion, and (3) to either the Bears or Colts.

Instead, a deal that seemed destined to go down in the early portion of the week flamed out. Negotiations fizzled to the point where they turned public. Reports featured leaked offers as Philly appeared to overplay its hand by overvaluing Wentz. So Wentz remains in Philadelphia for the moment. HOWEVER, one NFL analyst doesn’t believe Wentz will be the Eagles’ QB1 when the 2021 season kicks off.

Instead, Dave Wannstedt believes he is Bears bound:

More from Wannstedt, who offered his prediction on 670 The Score’s Parkins and Spiegel Show:

I’ve talked to some people in Philly. They’re adamant about moving him. He’s adamant about moving. It sounds like he would like to go to the Colts, but the Colts are not gonna budge on what they are willing to give up. So I think … I would expect it to happen for the Bears this week.

After talking to folks in Philly, Wannstedt concludes that there is a mutual feeling that the Eagles and Wentz want to move on. But it’s not that easy. That’s because it seems as if the Eagles are trying to make a deal with the Colts, perhaps because they are trying to do right by Wentz. And maybe because Colts GM Chris Ballard knows Wentz’s preference, it is allowing him to play hardball with his offer. Thus, leaving the Bears as a fall-back option?

As we head into another week of Obsessive Wentz Watch, there is an overwhelming feeling that a deal gets done as soon as someone blinks. Maybe it’s the Eagles settling on an offer that is below their original asking price. Perhaps it’s the Colts budging with what they want to give. Or it could be the Bears pulling up with an offer the Eagles can’t refuse.

In the end, the Bears (and Colts, I guess) have played this right by not giving in and buying in at a steep price to this point. Even after Philadelphia’s best efforts, no market has developed for Wentz beyond Chicago and Indy. Therefore, it positions those two teams to get their preferred quarterback at their price. Meanwhile, the Eagles have a quarterback they want to move, who also happens to be ready to leave. And with bonuses due in early March, Philly has all the reason to want to move him off the roster before that cap hit takes another body blow. On the other side of the coin, neither the Bears nor Colts have any incentive to buckle to the Eagles’ demands.

Stay tuned. All parties seem deeply entrenched in their stances. So this could get good at any moment.

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