Bears Reportedly Pushing Hardest for Wentz, But He Needs Some Convincing

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Bears Reportedly Pushing Hardest for Wentz, But He Needs Some Convincing

Chicago Bears

The Carson Wentz rumors/updates keep on coming, so we keep on typing.

Earlier, a report surfaced suggesting that Wentz may prefer the Colts over the Bears. That’s sensible, considering that former Eagles coaches Frank Reich, Press Taylor, and Mike Groh are all on Indy’s staff, and also potentially the hold up to a done deal.’s Albert Breer also shares the belief that Indianapolis is Wentz’s preferred landing spot. However, the Colts are apparently not the team pushing hardest for a deal. And they may not be the front-runner. Both distinctions, according to Breer, belong to the Chicago Bears.

Per Breer, who shared thoughts on Colin Cowherd’s show:

I think it’s pretty clear at this point that the Bears have pushed harder than the Colts to get Carson Wentz. The Eagles are probably gonna get the best return with Carson Wentz going to Chicago. I think the last piece of it, then, would become can you convince Carson Wentz it’s the right thing to do because I think the Bears would like to at least like know Carson Wentz is on board before pulling the trigger on a trade.

Well, that’s certainly a spicy meatball. As is Breer’s belief that the Bears are the front-runners in this sweepstakes. Breer adds: “I do know that there’s a feeling inside that building, from Ryan Pace, from the coaching staff, Matt Nagy, John DeFilippo … they believe that, mechanically, they can fix him.”

For what it’s worth, that’s the second time in as many weeks that Breer has pushed the narrative of DeFilippo fixing Wentz.

It’s worth noting that DeFilippo was Wentz’s position coach during his stellar 2017 season. And that Nagy has a close relationship with Doug Pederson, who was Wentz’s head coach from 2016-2020. It’s all stuff worth keeping in mind as this pursuit continues.

Of course, does any of this matter if Wentz’s preference is the hold-up in this situation?

“I think the issue right now is where Carson Wentz wants to go. I think it’s become pretty clear he’d rather go to Indianapolis,” Breer told Cowherd. “Part of it now for the Eagles is gonna be, OK, if our best return is Chicago over Indy, then we need to convince Carson Wentz this is the only place you’re going, bud. And you need to buck up and accept this, and realize the Bears are gonna give you a good chance.”

There are reasons the Bears would have a real interest in Wentz. But if he doesn’t want to be with the Bears, I’m not sure they should (will?) want him. The respective futures of GM Ryan Pace and Head Coach Matt Nagy hang in the balance with whatever happens in 2021. Do they really want to hitch their wagons to a player who’d rather be somewhere else? There’s something dangerous about wanting someone who doesn’t necessarily share the same feelings.

I still find myself thinking about how this saga has reached the public negotiation phase. It’s evident that the Colts, Bears, and anyone else talking trade has stood their ground in trade discussions. There was even a report of the Bears believing the Eagles were overvaluing Wentz in trade talks. Because in that report, there was a nugget about the Bears growing impatient in talks.

Perhaps the Eagles price-tag for a player who has a preferred destination that isn’t Chicago is too much for their liking? Could the Bears’ impatience in the situation be rooted in their pushing hard to show how much they want the player in the first place, only to find out they aren’t his preferred destination? I don’t think it’s too much of a leap to jump to that conclusion.

At this point, the only way for the Eagles to get something close to their original asking price of multiple first-round picks would be to drum up public interest. Mission accomplished, Mr. Breer. In the meantime, the hunt continues.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.