Carson Wentz May Prefer the Colts Over the Bears

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Carson Wentz May Prefer the Colts Over the Bears (And That Could Be the Big Hang-Up)

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It was at this time last week when the Carson Wentz trade rumors really picked up steam (to the point where some believed a deal would be made in the days immediately following the Super Bowl). And while there hasn’t been a deal yet, there has been plenty of posturing, negotiations through the media, leaked offers, and reports that the Eagles have “overvalued” Wentz in talks.

Today, in an effort to explain why a deal hasn’t been consummated, we add one more brick to the pile:

It’s possible that Carson Wentz’s preference for the Colts is the hang-up in keeping this trade from going through. And for what it’s worth, there is precedence via the Matthew Stafford earlier in the offseason.

If you’ll recall, reports surfaced suggesting that teams such as Washington and Carolina had stronger offers in the Stafford sweepstakes. HOWEVER, Stafford made it known that his preference was to go to the Rams. So rather than entertain offers elsewhere, the Lions walked a tightrope. Trying to do right by Stafford while getting a good deal for the team wasn’t easy. But a deal pleasing both teams went down. Perhaps the Eagles willing to make that sacrifice is why they are requesting a Stafford-like return. Then again, Stafford and Wentz are two different players, so I can understand why the Colts (or even Bears, for that matter) haven’t made such an offer.

Ultimately, I find it most interesting that he’d prefer Indy over Chicago. Having Frank Reich coaching helps. But I also suppose the stability in place with the Colts looks better from the outside than a Bears situation where the vibes are that the franchise is entering a win-or-bust year. Through that specific lens, it could be challenging to attract a quarterback. But on the other hand, Wentz coming to Chicago, and playing like he did from 2017-19 would make him a gridiron deity of sorts. That’s gotta be attractive to someone … right?

In any case, the wheel continues to turn on the quarterback rumor mill. Stay tuned.

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