Pace Stands Firm, the Cost Of Missing Out On Wentz, Lawrence as QB3, and Other Bears Bullets

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Pace Stands Firm, the Cost Of Missing Out On Wentz, Lawrence as QB3, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

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•   Carson Wentz will be a Colt. And it turns out the Bears never even made an offer. What a wild ride this has been.

•   On one the hand, I’m glad the Bears didn’t overpay to roll the dice on the Wentz reclamation project. The ceiling is high, to be sure. But he was more likely to reach that with the Colts. But on the other hand, another high-upside quarterback is off the board with Wentz going to Indy.

•   Here’s another way to look at it from the Bears’ perspective: Wentz going to the Colts for a 2021 third-rounder
and a conditional second-round pick in 2022 serves as a market correction of sorts. Or to put it another way, it provides another trade comp after the Matthew Stafford deal set such a high bar. So in a way, this works in Ryan Pace’s favor should he opt to continue working the trade market.

•   Be honest, how would you felt about this contract moving forward:

•   Did the Colts save the Bears from themselves? That’s a fair question to ask today.

•   If Wentz plays like he did from 2017-19, no one will blink at the cap hits. But if 2020 is the first stop on the regression train? Yikes. Then again, the Colts’ acquisition is as much of a bet on Wentz bouncing back as it is a vote of confidence in Frank Reich and his coaching ability. It almost makes me wonder how lucky Indianapolis is to have had Josh McDaniels leave them at the altar.

•   Wowzers:

•   All things considered, the Bears handled this situation as best they could. Some might even suggest better than expected. Let’s face it, we all feared (at one point) getting a push notification that Chicago was sending multiple first-round picks to Philadelphia for Wentz.

•   Kudos to Ryan Pace for standing his ground and not budging. This isn’t an easy time to be searching for a quarterback. But it doesn’t matter if you make an early move if it’s not the right one. Keep that perspective in mind as we continue to embark on this journey.

•   While quarterbacks are on our mind, I can’t believe there’s someone who doesn’t have Trevor Lawrence as their QB1. Eric Edholm of Yahoo Sports gives June Jones the floor:

•   Don’t you even think about it…

•   Tim Tebow doesn’t make Brad Gagnon’s list of most overrated players heading into free agency. HOWEVER, there are several players with major red flags here.

•   Some love for Tarik Cohen:

•   Jaylon Johnson is a good cover corner:

•   I’m looking forward to digging into Sean Desai’s defense:

•   Love seeing the Bears give back to the community:

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