Deshaun Watson Told His New Head Coach He Has “No Intention of Playing for the Texans Again"

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Deshaun Watson Told His New Head Coach He Has “No Intention of Playing for the Texans Again”

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The Houston Texans have remained committed to not trading Deshaun Watson (despite his prior request) throughout the offseason.

At every turn, they’ve dodged offers and dismissed the mere idea of trading their star quarterback. Because while the Texans have been incompetent at so many levels, they’re smart enough to not want to trade Watson. Well, at least not until the situation is totally untenable.

And I think we’re just about there:


According to sources who spoke with ESPN’s Dan Graziano, a meeting with new Texans head coach David Culley resulted in Watson reiterating that he wants to be traded. Moreover, Watson expressed his desire to never suit up for Houston’s football franchise again. Wow. All of that is FIRM.

Earlier, Watson tweeted this ….

… and it got me thinking about if we’d hear something from Watson’s camp soon. After all, since hiring Culley, the Texans have been out there pushing the narrative of their desire to keep Watson with the Texans. Let’s not forget that Culley said in his opening press conference that her took the job believing Watson would still be a member of the Texans.

But if Watson is true to his word and the Texans stand their ground, then we’ll have an old-fashioned Texas standoff on our hands. I’m not sure which side will blink first. However, seeing two sides entrench themselves in their stances has my attention. And if the Texans happen to blink first, I hope the Bears keep their options open to pounce on the opportunity.

That is, unless they end up with Russell Wilson first 🙂

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