QB Options Galore, Impact Receivers, Football History, and Other Bears Bullets

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QB Options Galore, Impact Receivers, Football History, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

In a week where I lost my fantasy basketball matchup by 82.5 points, I knew forgetting to set my lineup last Monday was gonna cost me (I left 125.25 points on the bench).

•   The QB rumor mill churns on. Jimmy Graham has emerged as a lead Bears recruiter in the Russell Wilson sweepstakes. Alex Smith has popped up a bridge possibility for Chicago. And the long-time authority on Texans football thinks it’s time to honor Deshaun Watson’s trade request.

•   Nick Shook (NFL.com) ranks all 32 quarterback situations around the league. As you’d expect, the Bears are in an unenvious tier. Shook lists the Bears under “Where Do We Go From Here,” adding the Bears are “similar to the Jets” as a team at a crossroads. And yet, his solution is taking on a Sam Darnold reclamation project. I suppose it’s worth noting that Shook suggests an Alex Smith-Matt Nagy reunion before talk of a Nagy-Smith reunion popped up this afternoon. Weird how that works out.

•   David Carr, Shook’s NFL Media teammate, pushes through a list of the 10 available quarterbacks worth pursuing in free agency, trade, and the NFL Draft. A notable missing party here is Derek Carr, David’s brother, who was a hot name connected to the Bears (if only momentarily). I think the ship has sailed on bringing Carr to Chicago, but it’s not like there aren’t worthwhile options. Perhaps if things go south quickly with more preferred players, we can discuss some of the down-ballot names on Carr’s list. Because I suppose there’s reason to discuss the possibility of Andy Dalton or Ryan Fitzpatrick.

•   I feel like I’m in list-reading mode today. Kristopher Knox (Bleacher Report) rattles off names the Bears should avoid when free agency opens later in March. Quarterbacks Mitchell Trubisky and Cam Newton highlight the list. However, I disagree with the assessment on JuJu Smith-Schuster. Don’t get me wrong. I understand the risks in signing a player who hasn’t looked the same since Antonio Brown skipped town. But I think in a different system that allows for different types of opportunities could be good for a player looking for a bounce-back year. Smith-Schuster isn’t a perfect fit, but he’s the type of player worth taking a swing on,

•   The group of free agent receivers is so loaded, I can make a case for any of them making the BIGGEST impact on a new team:


•   For your listening pleasure:


•   The football community lost a legend on Sunday:

•   Historic Blackhawks stuff last night:

•   Plus an epic meltdown:

•   My alma mater pulled off an historic feat over the weekend, too:


•   Also, there’s nothing you can say to diminish that loss. I don’t care that Trey Lance wasn’t available. Or that it was weird circumstances that had NDSU and SIU playing because Indiana State opted out of spring ball in 2021. The Salukis beat the FCS version of Alabama. And I’m still riding high days later.

•   Tell me baseball is back without telling me baseball is back:

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