REPORT: Bears Have “Prioritized” Trying to Acquire Russell Wilson

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REPORT: Bears Have “Prioritized” Trying to Acquire Russell Wilson

Chicago Bears

The offseason begins and ends with what the Chicago Bears do at quarterback. So we obsess over it.

Nationally, the Bears have been talked about as a team positioned to do something “insane” to resolve their quarterbacking woes. And in recent days, there’s been ample buzz linking Chicago as a landing spot for a disgruntled Russell Wilson, who’ll reportedly accept a trade to only four teams, one of which is the Bears. Recently, there’s been chatter about Wilson liking Matt Nagy and the Bears’ offensive line, as well as seeing Chicago as a legacy-building opportunity.

But it takes two to tango. And it appears the Bears are ready to dance:

Brad Biggs of the Tribune comes through with local confirmation that Chicago is set to make a push for Russell Wilson. It’s a sentiment that’s been bubbling beneath the surface nationally. However, there’s nothing like additional local word to put a stamp on it.

“The thinking among multiple sources is the Bears have prioritized making a run at Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson,” Biggs writes. “His agent included the team on a list of four clubs Wilson would approve a trade to, although it hasn’t yet reached the point where he’s asked out.”

If you’ll recall, the Bears are joined by the Cowboys, Raiders, and Saints as teams Wilson’s agent said he would approve a trade to this offseason. And while those three teams provide stiff competition, the Bears seem to provide the clearest path for a trade.

“I think Derek Carr had his best year yet, under Jon Gruden. I think he’s one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and we’re happy with him,” said Raiders GM Mike Mayock, via ESPN’s Paul Gutierrez. “I think Jon Gruden and I would stand shoulder to shoulder and pound the table for Derek Carr.”

Over in Dallas, Calvin Watkins (Dallas Morning News) reports talks between Dak Prescott’s reps and the Cowboys are “more productive than they have ever been.” In other words, Dallas’ football teams appears to be angling toward a reunion with Prescott. It might be via the Franchise Tag right now, but productive conversations could ultimately lead to a desired extension.

As for the Saints, they began the day a whopping $61,998,396 million over the cap. Between that and having minimal tradable assets, it’s a tough hill to climb for New Orleans.

Ultimately, a push for Russell Wilson would be just the beginning for the Bears. Because while getting the quarterback right is the priority, Chicago isn’t solely a quarterback away (especially if they give up important assets in the deal). The team needs more in order to truly compete for bigger things than the NFC’s seventh seed. Acquiring Wilson would lead to contract restructures around the room, and, from there, the Bears would need to re-prioritize other needs. Trading for Wilson would be Pace’s first steps in a larger world. But one that needs to be made before the ball really gets rolling.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.