Pettine's Value, Smith's Fit, What's Up With Coward? And Other Bears Bullets

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Pettine’s Value, Smith’s Fit, What’s Up With Coward? And Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

If taking the [ L ] on SNKRS is the worst thing to happen to me today, then I’ll be in good shape.

•   Well, this is certainly an interesting sentiment:

•   As we discussed yesterday after a report surfaced that Chicago was prioritizing a run at Russell Wilson, the Cowboys and Raiders — two other teams to which Wilson is willing to green-light a trade —  seem to be OK with their current quarterback situations. And while the Saints make sense as a landing spot, their cap problems are gargantuan and their trade assets minimal. So, yeah, I can understand why there’s a feeling Wilson will play for either the Seahawks or Bears in 2021

•   Among the less-important things to monitor in an Obsessive Russell Wilson Watch, PFT’s Mike Florio wonders if the Bears would un-retire Bronco Nagurski’s No. 3 for the QB if he came over in a deal. There are bigger fish to fry before we even get to that point. But I suppose I’m willing to cross that bridge and have those conversations if necessary.

•   Once again, NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport connects the Bears and Alex Smith. But the way he shapes Smith’s market piques my interest:

•   If Smith is willing to sign with the Jaguars to join his college coach (Urban Meyer) in Jacksonville to be Trevor Lawrence’s QB2, would he be willing to do so for Matt Nagy? Smith, who turns 37 in May, might want a starting gig. But I’m not sure if that opportunity will arise. A year ago at this time, I might’ve made the pitch for him to be in the role that Nick Foles ultimately served in during 2020. But does it make sense to roster Smith and Foles in 2021? Perhaps if the Bears were to draft a first-round rookie who might not be ready to roll immediately, then I could justify rolling with three quarterbacks — with two serving as a buffer keeping the rookie off the field. However, I’d need a good talking to before we got to that point.

•   For potential acquisitions to one that is already in the books, I’m digging how Bears GM Ryan Pace described hiring ex-Packers DC Mike Pettine onto Chicago’s defensive staff: “It’s like acquiring a player within your division; you know a lot about him, playing him twice a year. So we know a lot about Mike Pettine and have a ton of respect for him. Matt has a ton of respect for him. When he became available, we were able to act pretty quick.”

•   Figure Pettine to be an invaluable source for the Bears defense. From being a sounding board for first-year coordinator Sean Desai, to helping both sides of the ball self-scout, to analyzing what’s happening within the division, there’s plenty for Pettine to do. I realize things didn’t end well in Green Bay. And I know Packers fans applauded his departure. But I think Pettine can thrive in the role he has been given in Chicago.

•   Some important clarification from The Athletic’s Kevin Fishbain:

•   I can see the Bears bringing back Rashaad Coward at a lower number. Something more cap-friendly. And something that makes it known that he will be playing for a role that isn’t guaranteed. The Bears clearly liked Coward enough to give him a shot at right guard and right tackle the last two seasons. It hasn’t worked out, but there must be something they like about his frame and work ethic that made them go back to him. There’s a non-zero chance Coward is a late-bloomer after a position change. Remember, he was a nose tackle coming into the league. But based on two years of game-tape, I’d argue he’s down to his final shot.

•   It’s almost as if Allen Robinson is good at football:


•   The first Franchise Tag of the season has been handed out by the Broncos to safety Justin Simmons, per Benjamin Allbright. The 2020 second-team All-Pro and first-time Pro Bowler collected a career-best 5 interceptions and racked up 96 tackles. He is a key cog on Denver’s defense, and one I’m sure Vic Fangio wants to keep around for a while.

•   The Blackhawks are far more entertaining than I expected them to be in 2021:

•   What a dinger:

•   EL OH EL:

Author: Luis Medina

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