Obsessive Russell Wilson Watch: The Bears or No One? Desperation Mounting, a “Boatload of Picks” on the Table, More

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Obsessive Russell Wilson Watch: The Bears or No One? Desperation Mounting, a “Boatload of Picks” on the Table, More

Chicago Bears

The new league year begins in 7 days. And as far as I’m concerned, that’s the next window for a splash announcement. Will it be Russell Wilson to the Bears? Let’s wrap our arms around the latest round of smoke.

•   I got a kick out of Brett’s post about the Seahawks leaving any mention of Russell Wilson off a recent letter sent to season-ticket holders. But when PFT’s Mike Florio put on his former lawyer pants to explain why it could’ve happened, I gained a moment of clarity:

•   Florio explains how Wilson’s name could have been left off at the suggestion of a legal team. In short, leaving Wilson off the letter helps avoid a potential legal crisis that could come with a season-ticket holder throwing down a class-action lawsuit on the grounds of believing Wilson would be a member of the Seahawks. Does it seem like a bit of a stretch? Sure. But it’s not unrealistic. Not in a world where lawyering up can happen at any turn if parties don’t cover all their bases. That this is a reason Florio can see Wilson being dealt is wild, but that’s where we are in 2021.

•   I don’t want to make too much of Florio saying: “It’s the Bears or no one.” But that’s impossible. With all the smoke that has been visible in recent weeks, I can see how someone comes to the conclusion that — if Wilson is traded — the Bears will be the team. Otherwise, a return to Seattle for an epic make-up session is on the horizon.

•   So how do we get to that point? Well, knocking off other suitors helps the Bears’ cause:

•   On Monday, we crossed the Cowboys off the Russell Wilson Watch-list because they ponied up for Dak Prescott. Not too long after that, Bill Williamson, of SB Nation’s Silver and Black Pride, hears the Raiders haven’t shown much interest in making a deal with the Seahawks for Wilson. And while they could be interested at some point, they’re certainly not there right now. Recent reports from out west have suggested the Raiders are truly committed to Derek Carr. There’s even been scuttlebutt about Carr getting an extension. Clearly, the Bears’ window to acquire Carr has closed. But if they’re not moving him in a Wilson deal, then I suppose it helps Chicago’s chances at snagging Wilson. Hey, every bit helps!

•   ESPN’s Adam Schefter offers up what seems to be a growing sentiment:


•   The Bears are THE most-desperate team in the quarterback hunt. And because desperation makes for wildness on so many levels. Which brings me to our next bullet point…

•   … because “desperation” seems to be a common theme in reporting on the Bears’ QB hunt these days, Jason La Canfora’s words stand out to me: “[F]ear and desperation are running neck and neck as the prevailing sentiment within the Bears’ front office right now, as its criminal mismanagement of the quarterback position has come to a crest with few easy ways out.” At its core, La Canfora’s statement isn’t a misfire. The Bears’ mishandling of the QB situation (Glennon, Trubisky, Foles) has led to this exact moment in time. This is what it looks like when you live with the consequences of fumbling the bag on Draft Night 2017.

•   So what’s the price of doing business? La Canfora hears the Bears are “prepared to throw a boatload of picks” in trades to get Deshaun Watson from the Texans or Russell Wilson from the Seahawks. More on that sentiment in a bit. But before we get to that point, one anonymous NFL executive tells JLC: “There is a real sense of panic in that building. Don’t underestimate how desperate they are.” There goes that “D” word again.

•   How desperate are the Bears? La Canfora says the team was “in fact pretty serious about Carson Wentz.” Although, that points seems disputable based on reporting done elsewhere. He also offers up a nugget that the team entertained discussions about Ben Roethlisberger, adding his belief that Chicago would have possibly been a landing spot had he not taken a pay cut to stay with the Steelers.  ten

•   A fun nugget via Jeff Hughes of Da Bears Blog, who is utilizing Twitter’s voice tweet option in a unique way. Hughes shares a tidbit from [REDACTED], a league source who remains anonymous for obvious reasons. In his latest encounter with [REDACTED], Hughes passes along: “[REDACTED] told me something very cool. He said, Right now, in league circles, the Bears are the most interesting team going.” For the record, that is really cool. The Bears are the guy in the party who is a covered in a shroud of mystery to the point folks can’t keep their eyes off ’em. You know they’re gonna do something interesting. But you don’t know what it is or when it’ll happen. And you don’t want to miss it, so you’ll keep one eye on them throughout the night.

•   Hughes’ redacted source chimes in, adding that “the whole league knows” the Bears are pushing hard for a Russell Wilson deal. But throws in the caveat that they’re still keeping tabs on the Deshaun Watson situation. So they’re all in on Wilson, until they aren’t. And the only reason they wouldn’t be is because Watson would be available. That’s certainly interesting enough.

•   Additionally, Hughes passes along that GM Ryan Pace is willing to unload major draft capital — but only in a deal for a star quarterback. In other words, it doesn’t sound like Pace has the authority to back up the trucks for a lesser QB option. As it should be. You don’t pay top-shelf prices for mid-level stuff.

•   What do you know, Ms. Anderson? You can tell us. We’re good at keeping secrets:

•   This comes off as someone who’s heard something and wants to be ahead of it, just in case. And it has me interested in the possibilities of what it all could mean.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.