New Names, Numbers, and Faces ... Same Old Problems (And Other Bears Bullets)

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New Names, Numbers, and Faces … Same Old Problems (And Other Bears Bullets)

Chicago Bears

John Mayer is a talented performer with a DEEP catalogue. He nails it when he says: How cool is it that I have enough songs that I can play cool ones and leave others on the table?

This one comes to mind today: Moving on and getting over.

•   Happy Wednesday! At least, I think it’s Wednesday? I can’t tell any more. Time is a flat circle when you’re a Bears fan following the same mediocrity at quarterbacks one decade after another. New names, numbers, and faces, same old quarterbacking problem. And then when there’s a chance to significantly upgrade the position, falling short comes with a resounding thud that’s louder than any field goal doink you could ever imagine. There will be some circles who are fine with the Bears’ failure to land Russell Wilson, despite an offer of three first-round picks and two starters that would be awfully tempting in most situations. But come September and the Bears fall to Aaron Rodgers because they didn’t have a QB who could go score-for-score with that guy, they’ll wring their hands over Chicago not being equipped at the position. The names change, but the saga continues.

•   So … where does this leave us? Well, for starters, the Bears have some work to do in order to get under the 2021 salary cap number:

•   It seems like it was just yesterday that the Saints were more than $69.5 million over the cap. So to get to this juncture is simply commendable. Assuming they get under the cap, someone should throw a party for Mickey Loomis and his staff on Bourbon Street for their efforts. This will have been no small task.

•   As for the Bears, they’ve still got work to do. But it’s not a terrible mountain to climb. It’s just that I can’t help but ask what’s the end game here? Clearing cap space to reel in Russell Wilson and/or Trent Williams to build from there is an easy sell. But borrowing money from the future to augment a situation around Andy Dalton isn’t. When George McCaskey OK’d GM Ryan Pace’s return, I resigned myself to the fate that GM Ryan Pace would be in job preservation mode. But hitching that wagon to Dalton on a one-year deal is an awful risk that could throw the organizational health out of whack if worst-case scenarios play out with how money and draft capital is spent this offseason.

•   Speaking of Trent Williams, that dream is over:

•   More post-Dalton fallout:

•   I can’t get over how much this process STINKS. Sure, I understand the need to have someone you can say is your quarterback for the time being. But Nick Foles was supposed to be that guy. If Foles was supposed to be that guy, and you traded real draft capital to make him that guy – only to find out he isn’t that guy, then why is the person responsible for making that trade still in charge of finding his replacement? Good process often leads to desired results. Not always, but often enough to know it to be true. Bad process results in *gestures at the projected 2021 Chicago Bears*…

•   Pace will try to pitch Dalton as The Guy. Or maybe even as The Guy who is the bridge to The Next Guy. But after trying to sell Mike Glennon, Mitchell Trubisky, and Nick Foles, only for them to disappoint and fail the franchise when called upon suggests to me that Pace isn’t in a place where he should be identifying QB talent.

•   If you could see the look on my face when I saw this tweet:

•   Something to keep in mind if Dalton turns out to ultimately be a Nick Foles replacement plan:

•   For your listening pleasure (?):

•   I’m vacillating between “don’t give me hope” and “rebellions are built on hope”:

•   Gil Brandt … welcome to the resistance:

•   Some love for the other Bears the move made on Tuesday:

•   Eddy Piñeiro’s time with the Bears is done. Patrick Finley (Sun-Times) tweets the Bears aren’t tendering the restricted free agent a contract. That was fait accompli after Cairo Santos signed his deal, but now we know it’s happening.

•   Looking forward to giving this a listen when my schedule clears:

•   Good stuff, Roquan:

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