Dalton's Dollars, Another Glennon Game, Sliding Under the Cap, and Other Bears Bullets

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Dalton’s Dollars, Another Glennon Game, Sliding Under the Cap, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

I’m not as prepared for March Madness as I’d like to be, but maybe that will be an advantage.

•   Andy Dalton’s contract details are starting to emerge, and they’re not necessarily making me feel any better about the deal:

•   The folks at OverTheCap have it down as a $10 million with no void years. So unless something changes between now and when it becomes officially official, we’ll view this as if there are no void years that can soften the short-term cap hit. In other words, Dalton is here as the one-year starter with the potential to make up to $13 million if he hits all of his contract escalators. Or to put it differently, Pace followed his pursuit of Russell Wilson with an unnecessary panic move.

•   PFF’s Brad Spielberger shares what could’ve been an option for the Bears. If Chicago would’ve chosen to create a contract with four void years, it could’ve limited its 2021 cap hit to $4.4 million by tacking on four void years. Instead, this looks like a deal with a $10 million cap hit. And all they had to do to achieve this was be a touch creative. Ouch.

•   Imagine going into a year with a shrunken cap that is an estimated $20 million less than projections a year ago at this time, then committing $10 million to a player who completed a lower percentage of passes, threw touchdowns at a lower rate, averaged fewer yards per attempt, and boasted a lesser passer rating than the guy he is replacing. It’s truly a mind-boggling step for a GM who is entering the final year of a contract. This is not how I imagine I would go about pitching to my bosses how I deserve an extension. But to each their own, I guess.

•   I’m trying to find silver linings and true meanings behind the transaction, but I’m struggling. Dalton was a backup safety net in Dallas who made $3 million last year. How he played after Dak Prescott’s injury ultimately pushed the Cowboys to (1) realize what they have in Prescott and (2) pay their franchise QB before he could hit free agency. So for the Bears to more than double Dalton’s guarantee a year later simply isn’t a sensible step in my eyes. I understand the value in having a place-holder quarterback in your back pocket in the event your bigger plans don’t come to fruition. But going above and beyond to land said QB seems counterproductive.

•   For the record, I’m not alone in being unhappy with the Bears’ situation. And that Joe Ostrowski of 670 The Score can pull audio from years ago that is still relevant today tells you everything you need to know about the Bears’ situation:


•   In reality, it’s not all about the $10 million Dalton is getting. It’s about going on seven years of having questionable plans and a shaky process when addressing the most important position in sports. That goes beyond Dalton. And frankly, it’s above his pay grade.

•   Maybe the Bears aren’t done at quarterback? Gardner Minshew’s name showed up on the rumor mill yesterday. All things considered, I wouldn’t totally hate it. Although, I’d be disappointed that the Bears didn’t create a QB competition with Minshew and Ryan Fitzpatrick to end the eternal Mustache vs. Beard debate. But that’s water under the bridge now.

•   Look … I’m not sure how this happened. And I’m not alone. But it happened:


•   After learning the challenges of defending a modern offense without cornerbacks, the Vikings decided to field a defense with exactly one (1) cornerback. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports the team signed Patrick Peterson to a one-year deal worth $10 million. Peterson, 30, was a Pro Bowler in each of his first eight seasons and earned three first-team All-Pro nods during the first five years of his career. He hasn’t been the same player over the last two years, but Minnesota is clearly banking on a bounce back.

•   This gave me a good chuckle:

•   The Lions say goodbye thank you to Matthew Stafford:

•   An old “friend” finds a new home:

•   And as fate would have it, the Giants are on the Bears’ list of opponents on next year’s schedule. That makes four consecutive years in which Glennon will be on a team the Bears are playing in the year to come. What an odd quirk.

•   Speaking of oddities:

•   Deshaun Watson is facing some serious allegations:

•   Watson offered this on social media two days ago when the first wave of allegations emerged:

•   We’ll continue to monitor the situation, as these allegations are quite serious.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.