It Doesn't Sound Like Allen Robinson is Rushing to Sign That Franchise Tag Tender

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It Doesn’t Sound Like Allen Robinson is Rushing to Sign That Franchise Tag Tender

Chicago Bears

When the Bears waited until the last possible moment to extend the Franchise Tag to Allen Robinson, there was hope the timing would allow for a last-minute extension. Sadly, that turned out not to be the case.

And since being designated as the Bears’ Franchise Tag recipient, Robinson finds himself using the leverage at his disposal:

Fowler’s ESPN teammate Dan Graziano chimes in to add: “I would be pretty surprised if the Bears saw Robinson much before Week 1.” And to that I say, “Yep! That certainly wouldn’t surprise me.”

I don’t know if we’re veering toward a point of no return when it comes to Robinson and the Bears. However, I think we’re setting course for a path in which Robinson skips out on offseason training activities. After that, then we’re looking at a path in which Robinson could pass up on participating in training camp. Signing the tag tender now means Robinson is on the hook to show up for that stuff. And why would he want to do that if he can wait, preserve some leverage by making the Bears sweat, and try to get something out of it?

So, yes, this could conceivably go as far as Robinson not showing up until Week 1 of the 2021 season.

In recent years, we’ve seen high-profile players such as Earl Thomas and Le’Veon Bell travel the route of showing up right before the start of the regular season. But a year after Bell did that after receiving the first tag, he sat out the entire season after getting it again. I’m not certain Robinson is willing to do that just yet. Passing on an estimated $18 million guaranteed contract is a lot. Especially when we’re seeing the receiver market not take off as expected. Plus, the Bears could just tag him again (for a raise) in 2022. And at that point, Robinson would be a year older and a year out of football. It’s a risk, even for a very talented and relatively young receiver like him. But at this point, part of me assumes everything is on the table.

This has the potential to get rocky along the way. So fasten those seatbelts. We’re a long ways away from NFL Week 1.

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Author: Luis Medina

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