NFL Draft Order Set, Shaheen's Farewell Present, Catching a Break, and Other Bears Bullets

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NFL Draft Order Set, Shaheen’s Farewell Present, Catching a Break, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

I didn’t fill out a bracket for the first time ever, and I confess I feel special for not being handcuffed to whatever picks I made on a whim. Let’s enjoy some more basketball?

•   The 2021 NFL Draft order is locked in, so here’s where the Bears are picking:

•   I can’t front. Yours truly let out a little “woo hoo!” and a fist pump when I saw the Adam Shaheen pick via the Dolphins was a sixth-rounder. That conditional pick could’ve been a seventh-round selection. It’s not much of an upgrade, but Shaheen did enough for the pick to vest into a sixth-rounder. Not quite what Chicago had in mind when it drafted him in the second round in 2017, but better than getting nothing. Now, onto your mock drafts!

•   Finally, Lady Luck is shining on the Bears:

•   A neat factoid from Larry Mayer, who notes the Bears’ third-round pick will be selection No. 19 (and not 20, as is the case in Rounds 1, 2, 5, 6 where they hold their original pick). Why? Because the Patriots’ third-round selection was taken as a result of getting caught illegally videotaping the Bengals’ sideline in a game against the Browns. You’d think watching Browns-Bengals would be punishment enough.

•   On the other end of the spectrum, the Vikings are *LOSING* a draft pick because of a salary cap violation. No, seriously:

•   Sometimes, I think the Vikings exist to make me feel better when the Bears are in their most glib hours.

•   Something to keep an eye on:

•   I wish the Bears were as committed to finding excellent quarterback play as they are to keeping secrets:

•   Admittedly, the following is a bit galaxy brained, but here goes nothing. What if the Bears are angling to let Ryan Pace go after the Draft? That’s not the type of thing this franchise does. But we’ve seen it in recent years. The Jets (Mike Maccagnan, 2019) and Bills (Doug Whaley, 2017) were fired shortly after drafts. We’ve also seen John Dorsey (Chiefs, 2017) and Dave Gettleman (Panthers, 2017) pushed out the door in the summer. Imagine drafting Patrick Mahomes, only to get fired months later. Tough break.

•   I don’t want to fall too far down a rabbit hole, but I want to take a peek…

•   Thinking about this put me on a path to remembering Jim Hendry’s swan song with the Cubs. The end of the Hendry era was rough, but he left a nice parting gift for the Theo Epstein administration with a solid MLB Draft. As I remember it, the Cubs retained Hendry through the draft-pick signing period in order to maintain continuity through that process, but also to give themselves a head-start on the process of finding his replacement that offseason. Essentially, that’s what the Bills, Jets, Chiefs, and Panthers did in the examples above. I suppose there is a non-zero chance of that happening with the Bears. Although, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

•   Then again, for what it’s worth, the Bears have an in-house candidate in Champ Kelly who could be a better fit for the organization moving forward. Even if it is on an interim basis, Kelly could be the type of continuity play the Bears like making because they don’t like rocking the boat. Again, it’s a bit galaxy brained on my part. But because Bears fans are used to things going sideways, I think we should start thinking that way. Maybe it’ll help us understand things better.

•   I’ve never been so called out in my life:

•   Coffee makers are among the Deals of the Day at Amazon today. Drink up.

•   This week in Bears transactions has me so disheveled, I can’t even joke about this:

•   Sad … and potentially scary:

•   Oops:

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