Pro Day Awesomeness, Questioning Bears Regret, Cairo is Crazy Like a Fox, and Other Bears Notes

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Pro Day Awesomeness, Questioning Bears Regret, Cairo is Crazy Like a Fox, and Other Bears Notes

Chicago Bears

I’ve given up eating meat on Wednesdays as part of my Lenten sacrifice. So when a friend recommended getting tacos for dinner last week, I thought to myself: Maybe I’ll get tacos on a day when I can eat meat. But I haven’t gotten tacos since and it is bothering me nearly a week later.

•   In lieu of having a centrally located Scouting Combine, Pro Days are taking an increased importance around the country. On top of that, some of college football’s top prospects are showing out. A sampling of recent efforts:

•   Of course, not everyone is a fan of Pro Days:

•   I’m looking forward to what comes of Mac Jones’ efforts at Pro Day, as well as his looming showcase:

•   As is often the case, the truth is somewhere in the middle. Pro Days are unique events that show off a player’s athletic ability. Teams can use this data however they see fit. I’m curious to see how some teams will value the data that comes through Pro Day. Will talent evaluators see good performances as a sign that players took advantage of their downtime? Could they consider under-performance as something that works against a prospect? I don’t think there’s a right or wrong answer. But I think it’s something that’s up for discussion.

•   Contract details for some new Bears:

•   Chris Roling (Bleacher Report) writes the Bears’ signing Andy Dalton is a move the team could come to regret. And yet, in reading his explanation, I don’t understand how. “Maybe it works out, but Dalton will need to be propped up by his surrounding pieces,” Roling explains. “which could backfire and play a part in spurring a long-term rebuild.” So what you’re telling me if the Dalton thing works, it will be because players added elsewhere help the thing happen. But if it doesn’t work, the result could be a long-term rebuild — which is something this franchise could arguably use? This sounds like a win-win scenario to me.

•   Roling adds that if it wasn’t for the Dalton signing, then giving the Franchise Tag to Allen Robinson II would’ve been the offseason move the Bears would regret. To which, I say: Huh? If retaining your best and most respected offensive player who is a locker room leader is something the Bears could regret, then I’d wish for them to make more moves of that nature.

•   Cairo Santos is crazy like a fox:

•   Goodbye, old friend. May the Force be with you:

•   Speaking of old friends, NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport tweets Barkevious Mingo is signing with the Falcons. In Atlanta, he’ll be reunited with familiar faces such as Charles London and Dave Ragone. In addition to having a name that sounds good when it hits your ear, Barkevious Mingo was a solid contributor on special teams who also chipped in on defense. Things are lining up for Jeremiah Attaochu — an awesome name in its own right — to take the snaps Mingo leaves behind.

•   A fun factoid: Barkevious Mingo’s teams have made the playoffs in four of the last five seasons: Patriots (2016), Seahawks (2018), Texans (2019), and Bears (2020). Just something worth keeping in mind.

•   Another ex-Bear joins the Falcons, as running back Mike Davis signs a two-year deal to take his talents to Atlanta. So … I take it as a sign there are no hard feelings between Davis, Ragone, and London. Ragone will be Davis’ offensive coordinator in Atlanta. While London, who was Davis’ position coach while in Chicago, serves as the Falcons’ QBs Coach. An interesting dynamic, to say the least.

•   Everyone has their reasons to do anything at any time. However, I still don’t see the downside to restructuring contracts if all things are equal. But I suppose I can appreciate Tyreek Hill’s perspective on the matter:

•   I wonder how the NFL will handle this as lawsuits and allegations continue to pile up:

•   Wireless chargers, art supplies, pillows, and more are your Deals of the Day at Amazon. #ad

•   Teams asking for Bulls rookie Patrick Williams can go get bent:

•   The Blackhawks are hanging around:

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.