Does Philly Flocking to Flacco Foil Bears Plan to Flip Foles? FAnd FOther FBears FNotes

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Does Philly Flocking to Flacco Foil Bears Plan to Flip Foles? FAnd FOther FBears FNotes

Chicago Bears

I’m re-visiting the Ocean’s trilogy of movies, in part, because the cinematic soundtrack vibes well with good background noise for the work day.

•   Over the weekend, reports suggested the Eagles could trade for Nick Foles to serve as Jalen Hurts’ backup/competition. And with the Bears paying Foles’ 2021 bonus, it was easy to connect the dots and see it happening. But days later, Philly turns to Joe Flacco and gives him that backup role. In essence, I think this closes the door on a Foles reunion in Philadelphia. More importantly, it shuts off an escape route from the Bears when it comes to Foles’ deal. I still struggle to see a scenario in which Foles is in Chicago in 2021. Having Andy Dalton and Foles on the same roster feels redundant. It’s not impossible to keep both. But it’s not all that sensible either.

•   FWIW: Denver still stands out as a possible landing spot. The Broncos haven’t addressed their quarterback depth chart to this point, and have been thought of as a possibility for Foles in the past. And since the Bears and Broncos seem to be in the business in swapping players during free agency, maybe this makes sense.

•   Plenty of quarterback chatter in the latest episode of the Hoge and Jahns podcast:

•   Adam Jahns goes outside-of-the-box with a mock draft that would make even the most adventures GM blush. Jahns proposes the Bears take Virginia Tech offensive tackle Christian Darrisaw. But he doesn’t stop there. Jahns then trades back into the first round to select Alabama quarterback Mac Jones. It’s bold, to be sure. But daring. I dig that.

•   In theory, you’d think the Bears would want to take Jones at 20 if he’s there and call it a night. However, if a scenario presents itself in which (1) the Bears have a higher-ranked player on the board and (2) have the possibility double-dipping in the first round, it’ll be hard not to take. And if the chips fall right, as they did for Jahns, and the Bears can trade into the very back end of the first round without giving up a future first-round pick, then it would be a winning night for the Bears. There haven’t been too many of those on draft night in Chicago, so this front office will take what it can get.

•   The Bears haven’t double-dipped in the first round in GM Ryan Pace’s tenure. However, they were considering it in 2018 with eyes on taking Calvin Ridley. So, after falling short in 2018, Pace should have an idea of how he’ll need to sweeten the pot in 2021 if push comes to shove.

•   I’m digging the Bears’ signing of offensive lineman Elijah Wilkinson. It’s not a splashy addition, but could be an effective one. Think of it this way: One of the 2020 Bears’ major shortcomings was in its lack of depth. Chicago’s failures to address offensive line depth last offseason came back to bite them in the butt throughout the regular season. No team has perfect depth at a position group where it’s tough enough to string together five starters. But going into 2020 with depth featuring undrafted free agents with no experience and a converted nose tackle with minimal experience on the line was asking for trouble from the get-go. And unsurprisingly, trouble was found.

•   So, as I see it, signing Wilkinson is a move that shows the Bears are reversing course from last year’s strategy. I suppose that’s a good thing. Because while it’s an admission of failure, it’s better to admit mistakes now and make sure you never make them again than to continue to trip over your own feet at every turn. I’d be fuming if the Bears had gone into 2021 with similar depth issues at offensive line. And frankly, you would be, too.

•   Now, to fix the quarterback position the offensive linemen are blocking for…

•   It’s almost as if Mac Jones isn’t the un-athletic stiff that some group think had come to the conclusion that he was:

•   The Bears better nail the draft, because free agency isn’t all that pretty to this point. Mike Tanier (Pro Football Network) gives the team an “F” for their efforts in this phase of the offseason.

•   Happy birthday to a linebacker who has seen some things during his time in Chicago:

•   For your listening pleasure:

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Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.