Wow! The 49ers Are Trading Up to Get the No. 3 Pick in the 2021 NFL Draft From the Dolphins

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Wow! The 49ers Are Trading Up to Get the No. 3 Pick in the 2021 NFL Draft From the Dolphins

Chicago Bears

One of the teams that whiffed on the quarterback class of 2017 is finally making a splash to rectify its mistake.

Sorry, it’s not the one you started thinking about:

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports the San Francisco 49ers are trading up to get the third overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. That means the Miami Dolphins are trading out of the third pick, which they acquired from the Houston Texans in the Laremy Tunsil deal. And the return for Miami is pretty sweet, no doubt: it’s the 12th overall pick, first-rounders in 2022 and 2023, as well as the third-rounder San Francisco received as compensation for the Jets hiring Robert Sales as their head coach. That’s one heckuva Schefty bomb!

The 49ers aren’t making this deal unless they have a quarterback in mind. Did they like what they saw at Zach Wilson’s Pro Day? Because if they did, he could be on their radar. Perhaps they feel comfortable with Justin Fields at No. 3? The Ohio State product could be on the board if the Jets take Wilson second. Maybe they *REALLY* like Trey Lance enough to leap-frog everyone else to ensure they have a shot at him (assuming he doesn’t go second overall to the Jets). In the end, the 49ers clearly value getting the quarterback position fixed this much. So much so, they’re essentially opening the door and motioning Jimmy Garappolo to walk through it and to not look back.

Two future firsts and a third to move up from 12 to 3. That really tells you a lot about the perceived value in getting even the third best QB prospect in this draft, and it is a reminder that offering up a boatload for someone like Russell Wilson just ain’t crazy for the Bears. Oh, also? The Bears will now have no shot at a first round quarterback except maybe Mac Jones, and maybe even him only if they move up. Wild.

And if you’re the Dolphins, you now have the Nos. 12, 18, 36, 50, 82, and 103 picks in this upcoming draft. Plus extra first-rounders in 2022 and 2023. So if Miami isn’t fully committed to Tua Tagovailoa, then this collection of picks should be ample ammunition for a trade to acquire a marquee quarterback. You know, like, a much bigger collection of picks than a team like the Bears. GULP.

As Schefter notes, this trade has big-time league-wide ramifications. And I think we’re just scratching the surface here, because there will be significant fallout …

Brett Taylor contributed to this post.

Author: Luis Medina

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