"Locked In" on Mac, CB Prospects to Watch, Be Good Online, and Other Bears Bullets

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“Locked In” on Mac, CB Prospects to Watch, Be Good Online, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

I’ve started reading about spring fashion, but nothing is inspiring me right now. Ultimately, I’m torn between pastel polos like I’m 2004 Kanye and all-black get-ups like I’m Revenge of the Sith Anakin Skywalker. We’ll see how it goes.

•   Birdman-handrub-dot-gif:

•   I’ll be honest: The idea of Ryan Pace being “locked in” to a quarterback triggers me. But it’s a better than the alternative of ignoring the position this time of year, as he has done in the years before (and after) drafting Mitchell Trubisky.

•   Let’s stick with the good vibes: The Bears had a formal meeting with Mac Jones, college football’s reigning national championship-winning quarterback. In other words, their process is already better now than what it was in 2017. I realize that I should probably give up that ghost by now, but I believe in the idea that good process yields good results. Poor process got the Bears where they are now. Good process moving forward can get them out of this mess. It won’t be easy, but they’ll need to keep plugging away in order to get back on track.

•   I like what Jones told Windy City Gridiron’s Jacob Infante about what makes him pro-ready:

“I do a really good job of dissecting defenses, and I’m going to continue doing that in the NFL. It’s going to be a lot more difficult, but hopefully I’ll be able to figure that out. In terms of that, I just got to evaluate where I’m at after this Pro Day and just continue to grow that in the weight room, get a little more strength and speed, and it’ll all work out how it’s supposed to work out.”

•   Jones also said the requisite stuff about being “first guy in, last guy out,” watching film, and doing the little things. That’s all well and good. And it’s important, as players often follow strong leadership throughout the locker room. However, as we’ve seen with other quarterbacks, the ability to lead on the field with performance is equally as important as some of the intangible stuff.

•   It’s a year like this that makes me miss Jon Gruden’s QB Camp on ESPN. There are a handful of quarterbacks who intrigue me right now, and it would be nice to have those conversations with Gruden to lean on during this pre-draft process. Ben Koo (Awful Announcing) explains why the football-viewing public is taking a loss without Gruden’s TV gig.

•   A sobering headline from BearsWire’s Alyssa Barbieri: Bears failed to produce a 4,000-yard passer in 16-game era.

•   Something to keep an eye on regarding the NFL’s future schedule:

•   The league’s proposal for a 17-game season comes with a trimmed preseason schedule. Of course the league wasn’t going to add another game of consequence without taking down a preseason contest. I’m hesitant to be totally on board with a 17-game season, but I dig the concept that no games will be played in the week before final cuts and Labor Day (as reported by Albert Breer).

•   There is a potential for extreme value if this prospect can stay healthy:

•   The Bears *DO* need a cornerback:

•   Gonna have fun with this:

•   A Pat O’Donnell contract update:

•   Here’s a small reminder that it takes no effort not to be a jerk online:

Author: Luis Medina

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