Ultraback, Ironhead, Robocop, Sweetness, Mongo, and Other Bears Bullets

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Ultraback, Ironhead, Robocop, Sweetness, Mongo, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

I didn’t truly understand DMX’s depth, complexity, and versatility until late in my college years. When I realized that “X” was a staple on playlists for parties, road trips, and reflective times, it was a game changer. May Earl Simmons Rest In Peace, and may his music live on forever.

•   Having some fun remembering some guys with cool nicknames:

•   The first one that came to mind for me was “Ironhead” for Craig Heyward. Immediately after that, “Ultraback” popped in my mind as I remembered how much I loved Raymont Harris when he popped off for 1,033 rushing yards in 1997. Among the best of the rest that have been submitted include “Robocop” (James Thornton), “The Galloping Ghost” (Red Grange), and “Mongo” (Steve McMichael). Do they not make nicknames like they used to? Because I’m struggling to unearth one that I dig as much as ones I did in the 90’s. Maybe I’m just on a nostalgic vibe. Or perhaps it’s not all clicking because I didn’t make myself coffee this morning. In any case, I’d like to hear your favorite nicknames in the comments or in the thread.

•   As far as I’m concerned, any day you can find an excuse to unearth an image featuring the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ creamsicle fits is a good one:

Jonathan Daniel /Allsport

•   Kadarius Toney plays like someone who will earn a fun nickname:

•   When someone sends me a tweet like this, I struggle to understand why there is a perception that Fields deserves to be falling down draft boards:

•   In addition to the numbers above, Fields made one of my favorite plays of the college football season:

•   So much for the narrative that Justin Fields doesn’t want “it.” Sometimes, I wonder if we have too much time on our hands, which causes people to overanalyze and come up with angles that are truly non-existent. This isn’t to say there aren’t football players who don’t want it as much as others. Everyone’s “want” levels are different, which is true in any walk of life. But when a player plays how Fields does, and organizes efforts to play through a pandemic, it’s nearly impossible for me to conclude that he doesn’t care about football. Remember how he played through a ribs injury in the College Football Playoff semifinal and championship games? Truly ridiculous.

•   Choose wisely, come Draft day:

•   What if I told you someone made a list of every team’s worth NFL Draft pick of the past decade, but didn’t list Mitchell Trubisky as the Bears choice? You’d probably say something like: “Well, that’s because Trubisky wasn’t all that bad. Did he fail to live up to the expectations that come with being the No. 2 pick? Sure. That’s fair. But he wasn’t Jamarcus Russell. There’s a difference between ‘bad’ and ‘disappointing.'” And to that, I would reply: “I’m proud of you.” After that, I would ask you to read through Alex Kay’s most recent offering at Bleacher Report for the big bad Bears reveal.

•   There is probably a place for Pat McAfee on an NFL broadcast, but he’ll be the first to tell him that being an XFL sideline reporter ain’t it. A fun read from Sean Keeley (Awful Announcing).

•   The NHL Trade Deadline looms, so give our Blackhawks coverage a follow here, on Facebook, and Twitter:

Author: Luis Medina

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