Kellen Mond Scripted His Own Pro Day (And the NFL is Taking Notice)

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Kellen Mond Scripted His Own Pro Day (And the NFL is Taking Notice)

Chicago Bears

Beyond this class’ top five quarterbacks, there’s a blob of draft-eligible signal callers who you can see as potential starters. That is, of course, if their development goes smoothly. Standing out above that group will be difficult for some. But for Kellen Mond, it’s a challenge he accepted in a unique way.

Mond’s NFL Draft stock is on the rise after scripting his own Pro Day, writes’s Connor Orr. As in, it was Mond who put together his Pro Day routine. Mond did so with the intent of showing scouts what he felt he needed to do to impress. And most importantly, it appears to have left some good impressions.

“The results as more than a few raised eyebrows,” Orr writes. “One evaluator noted that Mond was initially discussed as a late third-round or early fourth-round prospect, but he could have pushed himself into the top 50 of this month’s draft.”

So how does one change the perception of being a middle-round prospect to one who could go top-50? Taking matters into your own hands seems to be one way to go about it.

Here’s a snippet:

There was no quarterback guru choreographing something flashy. No “gimme” throws to pad the performance. Rather than operating out of the shotgun, as he did for the majority of his college career at Texas A&M, Mond put together a series of various throws from under center. In doing so, displayed arm strength, accuracy, and ability to work from under center as pro offense tend to do. It’s untraditional, to be sure. But if it’s effective in getting him a better draft slot, then we might talk about Mond as a trailblazer at some point in the future.

It’s as impressive that Mond did this on his own as it is that he had boldness to be forward-thinking enough to put this in motion. And considering how Bears GM Ryan Pace and Head Coach Matt Nagy value things such as convo tin and innovation, it wouldn’t surprise me if Mond’s stock is up in their eyes. Remember, the Bears were in attendance for his Pro Day at Texas A&M. Additionally, the two sides have apparent mutual interest with Mond telling reporters: “I’ve had a lot of interactions with the Bears, and I definitely see a connection. I don’t want to say any names, but I’m definitely excited, especially them being able to watch me in person.”

Confidence is king at the quarterback position. Between putting together his own Pro Day drill and his talking of the talk, Mond seems to have that confidence thing locked down. That type of bravado and innovation could have him on the Bears’ radar earlier than we might have previously anticipated.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.