Jenkins is Nasty, Packers Add A Rodgers, Vikes Take Mitch's Old Backup, Texans Prep For Post-Watson Era? And Other Bears Bullets

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Jenkins is Nasty, Packers Add A Rodgers, Vikes Take Mitch’s Old Backup, Texans Prep For Post-Watson Era? And Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

Happy Day 3 of the NFL Draft! Let’s breeze through this set of Bullets so we can tackle the final day of this talent-accumulation weekend.

•   Teven Jenkins talks that talk and I’m very much here for it:

•   When the Bears made the trade to take Justin Fields with their first-round pick, I said I’d run through a wall for the guy. But with the way Jenkins blocks, there will be no wall to run through because he is a human bulldozer. My goodness! Keep that same energy on the field, please.

•   Teven Jenkins as OT2 makes me feel some things:


•   Y’all should see the smile on my face:

•   Ryan Pace’s work is NOT done, people…

•   If I didn’t know any better, it sounds like Ryan Pace is ready to risk it all for another trade up:

•   I was HOWLING when I saw this tweet:

•   Elsewhere in the land of Vikings:

•   Kirk Cousins would think about threatening retirement upon seeing news that Minnesota chose his potential replacement, but the Vikings would probably help him pack his bags.

•   While NFC North Rivals are on my mind:

•   I’m not one to make guarantees or grand proclamations, but I will here: A. Rodgers is GUARANTEED to be a Packer in 2021. There, I did it.

•   Trying to tap into my manifestation powers one last time:

•   Tough scene:

•   The Texans taking Davis Mills was an eyebrow-raising move. An attempt at an explanation from NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport:

•   For what it’s worth, there was an interesting report from Houston Chronicle reporter John McClain, who listed the Bears as being among eight teams showing an interest in trading for QB Deshaun Watson before allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced. McClain offers up that the franchise’s plan was to put Watson on the block ahead of the 2021 NFL Draft, using the build-up as leverage against quarterback-thirsty teams to get the largest offer possible. What a landscape-shifting moment that would’ve been. Nevertheless, the Texans, Watson, and the NFL are working through the process that comes with a serious situation that has come with 20+ lawsuits being leveled against the quarterback.

•   Some draft things are meant to be when you’re drafting in Cleveland, Ohio:

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