Justin Fields' First Day, Here Come the Rookies, Numbers Games, and Other Bears Bullets

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Justin Fields’ First Day, Here Come the Rookies, Numbers Games, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

I’m gonna play this on loop for a while, as this might be the highlight of the Coby White’s season with the Bulls:

•   Justin Fields’ first practice as a member of the Chicago Bears happens TODAY. I’m excited. And you should be, too.

•   In case you’ve forgotten what Fields looks on a football playing surface, here’s a sample:

•   OK. I know you haven’t forgotten what Fields looks like when on the gridiron. Honestly, I just wanted an excuse to share some highlights. I don’t imagine anyone has a problem with me doing that on a Friday.

•   Elsewhere in the Bears’ quarterback room, NBC Sports Chicago’s Adam Hoge reports Kyle Sloter is joining the fray for rookie minicamp this weekend. If you’ll recall, Sloter was a practice squad member for a chunk of the 2020 season. The quarterbacks room will look a wee-bit different than the last time he was in town.

•   In that vein, Mike Jones (USA Today … and not to be confused with this Mike Jones) seems to believe Chicago’s QBs room is better now than when we last saw it. We can trade quips about whether we disagree about Andy Dalton being an upgrade over last year’s starter. But there isn’t an argument to be made that this group isn’t better than last year’s collection, based on Fields’ inclusion alone. His raw talent and upside is more than enough to carry the room.

•   It’s wild to think about how this guy — who was the projected No. 2 overall pick as recently as *JANUARY* — was available at pick No. 11:

•   And now, he is a Bear. 🙂

•   The numbers game is alive and well in Chicago:


•   Here’s where my mind went when I saw news that Eddie Jackson was changing to No. 4:

•   Eddie Jackson was such a dynamic player at Alabama. And he’s been that as a pro, too. So much so, the Bears never really gave him an extended shot at special teams. Clearly, Chicago’s brain trust thinks Jackson is so important on defense, it isn’t willing to risk losing him due to an injury that could happen while on special teams. Hopefully, changing numbers will come with a change in fortune for Jackson in the turnover game. Jackson didn’t come away with any interceptions last year and has just two in his last 32 games. Remember, Jackson had 8 in his first 30 games. So it’s not as if he can’t do it. Just needs a few bounces to go his way.

•   This is why you should follow Jack on Twitter:

•   Here’s hoping the equipment manager got a bonus for the work it took to get John Wojciechowski’s full last name on the back of his uni:

•   Hey, we don’t see the Bears on this list:

•   I love The Onion:

•   It will be worth keeping an eye on how teams handle stadium life post-pandemic:

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