The Immaculate Vibes That Come with the Justin Fields Experience and Other Bears Bullets

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The Immaculate Vibes That Come with the Justin Fields Experience and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

The Bulls were eliminated from postseason play last night and I have mixed feelings. We didn’t get to see this collection of talent reach its potential for myriad reasons. There was never a point when I felt as if this group was getting into a groove. And because of that, I feel unfulfilled as a fan. At least the Bulls have two players (Zach LaVine, Nikola Vučević) I like enough to build around. In short, Chicago’s basketball team has some work to do this offseason.

•   I won’t even waste time with a drawn-out intro. The Justin Fields era is here:

•   And he’s brought some friends along:

•   Vibe check:

•   There is an undeniable buzz after one day of Bears rookie minicamp. And Fields’ arrival is at the root of it. The Bears had obvious needs at quarterback, and Fields fills that for the team. But beyond that, I think fans needed Fields to come on board as much as the team did. The positive vibes are inescapable. Having a new face to follow is legitimately refreshing. Talking about the Bears among friends is easier now than it was a month ago. It’s the Fields factor, baby.

•   A collection of refreshing tweets from eyes on the scene:

•   It felt good for the soul to read about a Bears quarterback taking initiative early in camp.

•   Jon Greenberg of The Athletic details the differences between this rookie QB’s arrival and the one before him. There’s a trip down memory lane highlighting an eyes-on report from Dan Pompei from Mitchell Trubisky’s first camp. In fact, you might want to read that for the sake of perspective.

•   Undoubtably, there will be comparisons between Trubisky and Fields. There will even be some who will say something along the lines of: “Well, people were excited about Trubisky, too.” Or “There were people hyped about the last Ohio State quarterback.” And to that, I echo the sentiments of faux Dark Side user Kylo Ren and say: “Let the past die. Kill it if you must.” Trubisky wasn’t the caliber of prospect Fields is from a quarterbacking standpoint. Fields’ athleticism rates higher, too. The only similarity between the two is that they both are quarterbacks.

•   I guess other rookie QBs in the NFC North are doing things, too:

•   He’s ready:


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•   Big Boy Summer is here:

•   This is brutal:

•   Cuts happen in the NFL. It’s a part of the circle of a football life. But getting cut while training for football is cold-blooded. I understand that the NFL has rules about injuries occurring outside of the team facility. But it’s not as if Ja’Waun James was being reckless in a non-football activity. He suffered an injury while training for football. This all feels dirty and I hope James lands on his feet somewhere.

•   The tl;dr version of this is that it’s time to get the shot:

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