Of Course Aaron Rodgers Didn't Show Up to OTAs Today

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Of Course Aaron Rodgers Didn’t Show Up to OTAs Today

Chicago Bears

As NFL teams gear up for the 2021 season, we’ll start seeing updates on who is (and isn’t) showing up to OTAs.

Up north, the cheese stands alone. And away from the team:

On the one hand, this isn’t unexpected. Rodgers has made it clear how unhappy he is with his current situation. But on the other hand, ESPN’s Adam Schefter adds that Rodgers “has been a regular participant” in previous editions of the Packers’ offseason program. So to see him opt out at this point in time is yet another sign of his displeasure. And it’s not as if there has been any shortage of that since April.

In case you missed it, Rodgers has told teammates he isn’t coming backreportedly mocked his GM referring to him as Jerry Krause, and is rumored to want said GM to be given the boot. That a long-time Packers beat writer opines there is just a 5 percent chance Rodgers returns to Green Bay is eye-opening, too. Again, it’s a laundry list of grievances from a player who clearly wants out or wants a fat, new contract to be given to him as his heir apparent is shipped out to parts unknown.

Of course, Green Bay has long re-iterated its desire to not trade Rodgers. But that isn’t doing much to calm down trade whispers.

In any case, the mandatory part of the offseason training program doesn’t open until June 8. And if Rodgers doesn’t show up for that, ESPN’s Rob Demovsky reports the QB could be fined up to $93,085. By then, we’ll have a better grasp of how serious Rodgers is about his staying away from the team. Money talks, after all.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.