Rookie Super Powers, Tight End Tonga, Rodgers Goes Full Swiftie, and Other Bears Bullets

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Rookie Super Powers, Tight End Tonga, Rodgers Goes Full Swiftie, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

I was filled with conflicting feelings when Michael sent me this earlier:

Because when Aaron Rodgers does this, he’s “vibing.” But when *I* do it, my friends say it’s “a cry for help.”

Frankly, I’m sick of the double standards. Whatever.

•   Every so often, I find myself thinking about how the Bears really lucked out in the draft. Poke fun at my #DueFactor theory all you want. Just know I was right. And while I suppose I was “due” myself, the same can be said about the Bears. Some friends brought to my attention a piece detailing the happenings in the Carolina Panthers draft room. Among the anecdotes was that the Bears were among the teams angling to get into the No. 8 spot. The Panthers were listening, but ultimately decided on picking South Carolina cornerback Jaycee Horn. Their rationale? Trading down and acquiring future draft capital wasn’t worth passing on “a player they thought would change the way they play defense immediately.” To each their own ….

•   I wonder if there will come a time when Carolina wishes it could’ve gotten a deal done with Chicago. Or if the Panthers will regret not taking Fields for themselves. Oh, well. Only time will tell.

•   My favorite thing about the Bears rookies picking which super power they’d want is that each could have a practical use within the confines of a football game:

•   Methinks Matt Nagy is already thinking about ways to get this big-bodied defensive player in on one of the offense’s gimmick plays:

•   News of a “Chicago Stadium Project” going to vote for NFL owners turned out to be tied to financing scoreboard and video board installations in 2015, and statues for Walter Payton and George Halas erected in 2019. (Albert Breer)

•   Breer certainly ruffled feathers with his vague tease with how he reported things earlier in the day. With rumors buzzing about interest in Arlington International Racecourse, it was easy for thoughts to go there. And they eventually went there anyway with rumors about the McCaskey family giving consideration to sell the team sooner than many would have expected. There’s smoke, but I’m unsure where the fire is at this point. At minimum, it’s worth keeping tabs on moving forward.

•   My stance, as of now, is that I would entertain a new stadium for the Bears. And I wouldn’t be opposed to new ownership. After all, I am a champion of the concept of putting new eyes on old problems. But landing on the right owner at the right time isn’t as easy as one might otherwise think. As for a stadium, my preference would be for it not to go to the suburbs. Putting something on the lake where George Lucas’ museum was supposed to go feels like a best-case scenario. In all honestly, I don’t want to lose the “Chicago” in “Chicago Bears” if you catch my drift.

•   Since the Bears don’t need a kicker, retirement is the right move here for Adam Vinatieri:

•   An important update about one of the Cubs’ most visible fans is among the highlights in this installment of the Midway Minute:

•   I’m still holding out hope for Coby White, but I don’t think he is a fit in terms of being the type of traditional point guard these Bulls need:

•   As for the United Center’s other tenants, this will be worth tracking:

Author: Luis Medina

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