Don't Sleep on Jenkins, Dazzling Dazz, Nagy's Seat Temperature, and Other Bears Bullets

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Don’t Sleep on Jenkins, Dazzling Dazz, Nagy’s Seat Temperature, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

What is the football equivalent to this play?

Seriously. I’ve been racking my brain about it since yesterday afternoon and still have nothing. Maybe that’s why I woke up with a headache this morning.

•   I, for one, am looking forward to the return of 1920 Football Drive:

•   Last year, the Bears create a YouTube miniseries that presented a behind-the-scenes look at training camp. It was unlike anything Chicago’s football team had done before, which was part of the reason that made it unique. Let’s face it. The Bears are as buttoned-up of a franchise as we have in professional sports. So to see them open up and give us just a morsel is a win. A year later, #1920FootballDr is primed to give us more Justin Fields content, a behind-the-curtain look at the 2021 NFL Draft, and some other good stuff. I can’t wait until next Thursday.

•   Speaking of behind-the-scenes draft footage:

•   OPE! The Cardinals appear to have a better grade on Bears second-round lineman Teven Jenkins than Vikings first-rounder Christian Darrisaw. Both were highly regarded offensive tackles in this class. So it’s not surprising to see them near each other. And it’s always fun to see how different teams value players at the same position. For me, the big takeaway here is that the Bears appear to have gotten a steal in being able to draft Jenkins in Round 2. Maybe it speaks to the depth at the top of the draft with this lineman class. But more than that, we could look back on this draft and conclude that trading up for a potential franchise QB and blind-side protector in consecutive rounds was worth the squeeze.

•   I, for one, appreciate the perspective of others:

•   Part of me hates to play both sides, but I get it. I understand some of the angst from Bears fans. The lack of imagination on offense in the last two years has made the unit unwatchable. An unwillingness to run the ball 30+ times per game (like it was 1994) all over again was bound to irk a certain segment of the fan base. And Mitchell Trubisky’s non-growth are issues. And yet, despite all that, two playoff appearances in three years is nothing to sneeze at these days. No, it’s not what we wanted. But we shouldn’t take it for granted. The Matt Nagy situation feels like one where you want to play it by ear.

•   Also, I don’t want to hear about how the Bears were able to sneak into the playoffs because of a newly created slot. Because had they missed it, the argument to fire the coach and GM into the lake would’ve begun and ended with being unable to make the playoffs despite a favorable schedule and an extra postseason spot. The Bears took advantage of a situation that was presented to them. And the Cardinals, who finished with the same record as the Bears, did not. That’s just how the cookie crumbles.

•   Smooth transition into the Cardinals and Bears being at the top of Maurice Moton’s list of teams under the most pressure to make the playoffs this year. Also making the cut are old friend Vic Fangio’s Broncos, as well as the Raiders (who the Bears will see on the schedule this season).

•   This was an interesting read about someone quite important to the Bears:

•   This is neat: Larry Mayer writes about FOX NFL reporter Laura Okmin putting together a virtual “boot camp” featuring women who want to work in media and Bears rookies. It sounds like this was a beneficial experience for all parties.

•   I’m looking forward to seeing Dazz Newsome in action:

•   The Athletic’s Adam Coleman has a rundown of where each of the NFL’s 32 teams stand when it comes to having fully operational stadiums when the 2021 season begins. ICYMI: The Bears are expected to operate at full capacity starting with their preseason games.

•   This is good news:

•   A throwback:

Author: Luis Medina

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