RB Throwbacks, Classic Kirk, and Cap Crunching, Jones Trade Talk, Other Bears Bullets

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RB Throwbacks, Classic Kirk, and Cap Crunching, Jones Trade Talk, Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

It wouldn’t be the worst idea to follow Eli’s lead and re-watch The Last Dance to close out my weekend.

•   The Bears took a moment to honor Gale Sayers’ birthday, who would’ve turned 78 today:

•   I’d like for the Bears to properly honor and commemorate Sayers’ life and contributions to the franchise in 2021. Doing so last year would’ve been nice, but also would’ve been a tough pill to swallow without fans in attendance to give Sayers the proper Soldier Field send-off. Ideally, Chicago has some ideas on how to do right by a legend as fans file into their seats again.

•   On a lighter note, I see Kirk Cousins is in midseason form:

•   Don’t get me wrong. I understand wanting to prop up your team’s new defensive standout who was a stud defender while at the peak of his powers. Gotta get the fans excited about something after failing to trade up to take Justin Fields. But I can’t say showing that clip in that moment does the trick. Again, Patrick Peterson is pretty good. But that was such a poor throw. I can dismiss the “poor decision” on the account of it being practice. This is the exact time you make questionable decisions to see what does and doesn’t work. However, I won’t excuse a poor throw.

•   Since joining the Vikings, Cousins has yet to throw for 300+ yards against the Bears and has been sacked 16 times in 5 games. Here’s to more takedowns and INTs in the year to come.

•   It’s wild to think that Justin Fields has the NFL’s best-selling jersey among guys not named Tim Tebow. Heck, it’s pretty ridiculous that Tebow jerseys are out-selling Trevor Lawrence. I mean, come on. Lawrence is the quarterback NFL franchises have been drooling over for years. And yet, it’s Tebow at the top. The player certainly has a following, I’ll give him that much.

•   At least the two are getting along:

•   I could watch this all day:


•   Sometimes, I find myself watching Walter Payton highlights and wonder how he ever was tackled in the first place.

•   Only one team is in a worse cap situation than the Bears:

•   At least the good news is that drafting Fields positions them to get out from the bottom. Even still … the short-term problems will be difficult to navigate.

•   Cap issues aside, extending Allen Robinson II’s contract remains high on the Bears’ to-do list in the eyes of BR’s Gary Davenport. Settling the cornerback position and figuring out who will be QB1 when the season begins are also high priority items. But Robinson was the team’s best offensive player last year and is still in his prime. He deserves a payday that will keep him in that role for a while.

•   I see Julio Jones’ trade market is heating up on a Sunday:

•   Seeing the Seahawks as being a team in the mix is bothersome, but only because they’re on the Bears’ schedule this year. So long as Detroit, Green Bay, and Minnesota aren’t involved, I don’t imagine a Jones trade impacting Chicago too much. Frankly, I hope to keep it that way.

•   I’d love if the Bears had a stud fantasy tight end. But for now, I’ll settle for competence and upside:


•   The Bears will play five games against six players on this list:


•   Looking forward to seeing how this plays out:


Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.