Let's Jam Our Eyeballs with Early Highlights from OTAs and Other Bears Bullets

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Let’s Jam Our Eyeballs with Early Highlights from OTAs and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

With Roy Williams retiring and Coach K set to ride off into the sunset, the UNC-Duke rivalry is about to look different. As a Carolina backer, I’m not sure I’m ready for this. But who really is ready for when two iconic coaches hang ’em up?

•   Nothing announces the nearing return of football season like videos from OTAs. And you better believe I was ready to cram my eye sockets with them:


•   Look, it’s not much. And so long as the Bears’ archaic practices when it comes to sharing videos on social media, there will be limitations to what we get. But for right now, I’m happy to get any and all content that features Justin Fields and friends.

•   Some early OTA assessments from Mark Potash (Sun-Times), Brad Biggs (Tribune), Colleen Kane (Tribune), and Adam Jahns (The Athletic) are among the things you should clear your schedule to read this morning.

•   Coming later tonight, more via the return of #1920FootballDr tonight at the team’s official YouTube page:

•   Matt Nagy sure sounds happier about his quarterback room than he did at the end of last year. Jason Lieser (Sun-Times) writes about the Bears’ relative quarterback bliss.


•   Miller has always been able to wow fans with his special plays. It’s the inconsistency elsewhere that drives everyone nuts. Maybe that’s one big reason why Miller spent the offseason on the trading block. Perhaps feeling the pressure of the trade rumors will REALLY have him ready to roll for the season. Or it’s possible Chicago could flip this into a coveted 2022 Draft pick. No matter how you slice it, putting it all together in Year 4 will be big for Miller and the Bears.

•   I’m here for Germain Ifedi’s attempt to speak excellence into existence:

•   Chicago’s offensive line better be on its P’s and Q’s in 2021 because 6 of the top 10 disruptors based on Next Gen Stats are on the schedule:

•   Then again, teams probably need to keep tabs on Bears edge rusher Robert Quinn. More on that later.

•   I found myself reading this tweet over and over again. And yet, I couldn’t stop thinking about how any of this was OK in the first place:

•   Garden supplies, vacuums, standing desks, drawing tablets, rings, wallets, and more are your Deals of the Day at Amazon. #ad

•   Follow @BN_Bears on Twitter for more awesomely hilarious and basic photo edits:

•   Tom Brady goes to new lengths so he could troll Aaron Rodgers:

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