The Jets Sure Do Make Sense as a Landing Spot For Nick Foles

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The Jets Sure Do Make Sense as a Landing Spot For Nick Foles

Chicago Bears

I sure think Akiem Hicks’ situation and the possibility of a trade down the road is worth keeping an eye on. But I think the same can be said of another Bears player.

Indeed, ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler believes there is “a clear connection” between the Bears and Jets with quarterback Nick Foles possibly being on the move.

Bears: Paying a third-string quarterback $4 million in guarantees is tough for the cash-strapped Bears, and there’s a clear connection to the New York Jets.

GM Joe Douglas was with Foles in Philly. The Jets have zero NFL experience in their quarterback room. It’s uncertain whether Foles actually wants to go to New York, but don’t be surprised if New York looks into this one.

Jets GM Joe Douglas was in Philadelphia when Foles won the Super Bowl. Additionally, Douglas worked with Ryan Pace in Chicago before leaving for Philly. That familiarity could be key in any deal-making trek. On top of that, the Jets’ QB room is void of experience. New York’s depth chart features rookie Zach Wilson at the top with second-year player James Morgan waiting in the wings. Mike White, a 2018 fifth-round pick by the Cowboys, also lurks in the background. In other words, it’s three guys with a grand total of zero (0) NFL snaps under their belt.

So … let’s make a deal?

Not so fast, my friend! Fowler openly questions if Foles would OK a trade to New York. Foles doesn’t have no-trade protection. But at this stage of his career, Foles could opt not to play and ride off into the sunset. Foles has won a Super Bowl title, played his best ball in the biggest games, and made a boat-load of money at the tail end of his career. What’s left? Well, for Foles, whatever he wants. And if he doesn’t want to show up to play for a fourth team in as many years, then I find it tough to imagine a team wanting to trade for a player who doesn’t want to report.

Back in May, Tyler Dunne (subscription) reported Foles turned down a trade back to the Eagles. And earlier in the month, reports came to light that the Bears had been trying to trade Foles, but were unsuccessful because no one wanted him. Maybe those two things are connected. Perhaps no one had an interest in a player who didn’t want to leave for whatever reasons he has. But I suppose this shouldn’t mean the Bears should stop trying.

It’s unfortunate that the Foles experience didn’t have a better ending in Chicago. However, the reality is that Foles could be a trade target for someone seeking something specific in a backup quarterback. Someone who has seen it all. A bridge or an interim steward who can lead an offense if the starter must miss time because of an injury. or bridge in case the quarterback-of-the-future has to miss a game. The type of player who can pass on their knowledge and wisdom into a more talented vessel. These are all things Foles is and has been in his career. And could be something the Jets need.

At minimum, the expectation is that the Jets will kick the tires on a Foles deal at some point this summer. So stay tuned…

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.