Long on the Mend, Good Vibes, OTA Notes, Throwing Strikes, and Other Bears Bullets

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Long on the Mend, Good Vibes, OTA Notes, Throwing Strikes, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

A trip out West for yours truly to watch baseball and sightsee is a sign that nature is healing. Also healing? Me. That’s because I got a little too well-acquainted with the sun and have a little burn for the first time since 1999. So if you see me while I’m out and about on my travels today, please be gentle.

•   Good morning, friends. It’s my last day in San Diego and I decided I wanted to cram my eyeballs with highlights from OTAs. Care to join me?


•   It’s the vibes for me:

•  Speaking of the vibes:

•  Hope springs eternal in June. I get it. But it’s still nice to have a fresh breath of optimism this time of year. Gonna guess that having Justin Fields in tow helps a lot. But also, I reckon Sam Mustipher’s work with Olin Kreutz (per Zack Pearson) is aiding in pushing things in the right direction. Nothing like working with the best Bears center of my lifetime to get your game to another level.

•  I hate “nicks” … but better to have them now than later:

•   Hmmmm…

•   I’m always saying guys need to throw more strikes:

•   With the Bears playing the Ravens and the Lions this season, I suppose I should keep one eye on where Todd Gurley lands:

•   I held my breath for a moment here:

•   So … the good news here is that whatever leg injury Kyle Long suffered isn’t one that is serious enough to end his season. The last thing anyone wants for Long is to have taken a year off and work his way back into a football-playing body only to not see the field with the Chiefs. Long, 32, hasn’t played a full season since 2015 because his body has failed him at so many different turns. And yet, there’s no doubt Long is one tough cookie. It stinks that the injury is serious enough to keep him out of training camp. But the alternative could’ve been far worse.

•   Thinking about the Long injury had me re-visiting the Bears’ offensive line depth chart. There are at least 96 different combinations this team could roll out, which is encouraging from a big-picture point of view. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think that the Bears are considering 96 different combinations before Week 1. And I sure don’t hope they don’t have to use 96 combinations this season. But that they have options is a sign that their depth is — at minimum — better than it was this time last year. That might seem inconsequential on the surface, but it isn’t. Options and variety can be useful if deployed in a proper fashion.

•   And to think, right tackle Morgan Moses is just hanging out in free agency with the Bears still in the mix.

•   Mark Gaughan’s description of Mitchell Trubisky’s Wednesday’s practice with the Bills might give you flashbacks: Mitch Trubisky made some on-target rhythm throws and looks like he’s picking up the Bills’ offense early in the offseason process. For what it’s worth, I hope Trubisky picks himself up off the mat and finds happiness and success in football. But I can’t front. Seeing this took me back to things I’ve seen, read, and heard before. Again, I *hope* he is finally figuring it out. At least, for his sake. But I know better than to hold my breath here.

•   Good luck not getting emotional here:

Author: Luis Medina

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