Justin Meets Wrigley, Making Franchise History in Week 1, Rodgers Money, and Other Bears Bullets

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Justin Meets Wrigley, Making Franchise History in Week 1, Rodgers Money, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

Nothing says summer like needing to remember when is the best time to water your lawn. There’s gotta be some scientific formula, right?

•   Justin Fields and other Bears draft picks were living their best lives on Friday, getting the suite treatment during the latest installment of the Cubs-Cards rivalry. Fields and friends were given a standing ovation, then were treated to a comeback by the Cubs after being down 5-1. Tell me Bears fans aren’t starving to wrap their arms around a quarterback and love him to pieces:

•   I’m not saying there is a direct correlation between Fields and the Cubs’ comeback. But I’m not not saying it. Hours after the Bears chose Fields, the Cubs beat the Braves 9-3 to snap a 5-game losing streak and end the day at 11-14. They are 26-13 since. Pretty sure this means Fields fixed the Bears and Cubs. After all, a real QB1 makes everyone around them better.

•   It’s wild to think about how Fields has this city eating out of the palm of his hand and he hasn’t taken a snap yet. Just wait until he gets under center. This is a nice reminder of how the Bears can bring us all together, even if we’re bickering about which side of town your baseball team is from, or what the Bulls should do about Zach, or what is happening with the Blackhawks. In good times and bad, the Bears are that Chicago team that ties us together. It’s a neat dynamic to watch and be a part of — especially when things could be on the upswing with a new QB.

•   After realizing Fields was at the game yesterday, I found myself thinking about how that rivalry game is a good way to get a taste of what the scene could look like if the Bears were rocking and rolling. In that vein, we’re 99 days away from Soldier Field hosting fans again:

•   A fun factoid about the Bears’ season-opener — which is 92 days away — via Larry Mayer, who notes the Bears are making history. Opening in prime-time on Sunday Night Football with the Rams at So-Fi Stadium marks a franchise first.  A season-opening prime-time game out west isn’t just rare for the Bears, it’s legitimately never happened. We’re talking about 100+ years of history here. It’s only the third time they’ve opened out west, but both previous outings in 2003 and 2007 were afternoon games.

•   For your listening pleasure:

•   Now this is how you get the weekend going:

•   Time to start a Go Fund Me, Bears fans:

•   As for the Packers’ other QB:

•   A worthwhile nugget for Bears fans who like to travel up north: The Packers are going away from paper tickets and will accept only mobile/digital tickets starting this season.

•   Here’s to hoping Kirk Cousins passes everything he knows about losing to the Bears in big games down to his apprentice:

•   Jim McMahon’s got something going on:

•   Following this youngster should be fun:

Author: Luis Medina

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