Mandatory Highlight Sharing, Troll Rodgers vs. Meme God Brady, Where's Eddie? And Other Bears Bullets

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Mandatory Highlight Sharing, Troll Rodgers vs. Meme God Brady, Where’s Eddie? And Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

I may or may not have started creating a playlist for a road trip to Des Moines, Iowa, after seeing this pop up on my timeline:

After not making it to any new parks or stadiums last year, knocking off a minor league park and road trip, all while getting a novelty drinking bat seems like the right play.

•   Veteran minicamp began on Tuesday and even the most brief of highlights will put me in a good mental space:

•   It was good to see Khalil Mack, Allen Robinson, Akiem Hicks, and so many of the familiar faces putting in work. And it was neat to see some of the new guys such as rookie Teven Jenkins and receiver Marquise Goodwin pop up in the package. The Justin Fields to A-Rob quick pass brought a smile to my face, but I must say the Andy Dalton deep bomb to Goodwin brought the biggest smile to my face. If Dalton can establish himself early, there won’t be any pressure to rush Fields into action. Not that there’s any rush to do that any time soon.

•   Barring injury, it’s going to be Dalton’s team in Week 1. And to further drive the point home, Head Coach Matt Nagy said Fields cannot win the starting job in training camp. I feel as if saying that now is counterintuitive. How can a coach who preaches competitive nature among position groups close off a position battle altogether in June? That doesn’t necessarily sit well with me. But, in the end, I feel as if what happens in the classroom, at practice, and on the field during preseason games will tell us more about who should be the starter than any statements made in June. Make plans on paper, but make decisions based on what happens on grass.

•   I’m worried about Eddie Goldman. The talented nose tackle was a no-show at Tuesday’s mandatory minicamp. And because Nagy made it clear it was an unexcused absence, I have my concerns. It’s tough to imagine this is a money-related holdout, especially after Goldman was recently handed a hefty extension. Goldman was the Bears’ highest-profile opt out during last year’s pandemic plagued season. As things stand now, Goldman hasn’t played competitive football in 542 days. So while the Bears have been saying they expect Goldman back in the fold, that’s a long time to be away from football. And whenever he returns, Goldman will be greeted by a new defensive coordinator (Sean Desai) and new position coach (Chris Rumph). There will be plenty of catching up to do when (if?) Goldman shows up.

•   Admittedly, I got caught up in the Jake Butt stuff when I saw his name on the list of Halas Hall tryouts. But maybe we should be paying more attention to Mike Pennel’s inclusion. The 30-year-old defensive lineman is a true nose tackle with 91 games of playing experience under his belt. Pennel has 19 starts under his belt and was most recently with the Chiefs the last two seasons. Big bodies who can play the middle don’t grow on trees, so it’s nice to see the Bears proactively keeping eyes on the market while Goldman is away.

•   On the other end of the emotional spectrum, it was good to see (and hear from) Jimmy Graham. There were times this offseason I was unsure if Graham would return to Chicago. After all, cutting him could have created $7 million in cap space for a team that’s really up against it. But more than that, it’s good to see Graham in good health after a March accident in which his SUV flipped over four times. Graham spoke on that and more, via Patrick Finley of the Sun-Times.

•   Here’s the snapshot that brought the biggest smile to my face yesterday:


•   No one does weirdly petty better than Aaron Rodgers:

•   And no one trolls like the meme gawd Tom Brady:

•   This took me back to some happier times:

•   What in the world is happening to cause the NBA to come unglued during the most important part of the year?

•   The Send tells you everything you need to know about how the Cubs feel about the bottom of their order:

Author: Luis Medina

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