Foles Factor, Another Opt-Out Option, Mack Sacks, and Other Bears Bullets

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Foles Factor, Another Opt-Out Option, Mack Sacks, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

I’m celebrating a birthday next week and have no plans. Yours truly, who loves planning things, has no idea what to do with his hands right now. Please send help.

•   Good news off the top: There is an expectation that nose tackle Eddie Goldman will be at Bears camp on time. This is much-appreciated welcome news. Rumors and scuttlebutt began surfacing about the possibility Goldman might hold out or possibly even opt out. But planning to report on time squashes any problems we thought there would be. Goldman reporting on time isn’t the end of this story. It’s been a long time since Goldman has worked out with his teammates. And it could take some time to get into game shape. Thankfully, the Bears recently brought in some worthwhile depth to serve as a bridge of sorts.

•   Here’s a reminder of what Eddie Goldman can do:

•   In case you were curious, there *IS* an opt-out option for players this year:

•   I think Hub Arkush is making a good point…

•   … but Nick Foles didn’t do much last year to prove he was deserving of being in a QB battle this summer. Even as a place-holder. Had Foles played better last season, the Bears wouldn’t have needed to sign Andy Dalton in the first place. Remember, Foles wasn’t brought in solely to compete with Mitchell Trubisky last year. Because, in addition to that, Foles was supposed to be a 2021 bridge to whomever was going to be Chicago’s next quarterback of the future. But Foles was so rough, the team deviated from its plan just to provide a minimal upgrade to the position group. That’s gotta sting the ego.

•   Part of me still believes that signing Dalton was key in ultimately trading to draft Justin Fields. Had the Bears simply stuck with Foles, the Giants (or any other team, for that matter) could’ve really stuck GM Ryan Pace’s feet to the fire. Knowing what we know after watching Foles last year, it would be easy for a team to be like “take our deal or stick with Foles at your own risk.” It would not have been a great place to negotiate from. But with Foles and Dalton in the fold, the simple counter could’ve been “we’ll roll with a QB competition, then find a prospect we love next year.” In the end, I’m glad everything turned out as it did. Even if Fields is QB (for now).

•   In the end, it’s good to have Foles as someone Fields can lean on without worrying about throwing Foles back into the wolves next season. Ideally, Fields will soak in everything Foles can offer so we can look at this mentorship in a positive light.

•   Makin’ magic and money moves:

•   It will be worth keeping an eye on situations like this:

•   The Bears don’t have an off-campus training camp site. However, whatever fan component they have for training camp at Halas Hall will need approval from the NFL. I am hopeful the Bears can do the right thing and have it get the green light from league offices. My fingers and toes are crossed.

•   A simple message from 670 The Score’s Cam Ellis: Be careful what you wish for if you’re someone hoping the Bears move to the suburbs.

•   Seeing Khalil Mack footage at the outset warms my heart:

•   This is a fun nugget:

•   Maybe Madden NFL 22 will exceed some not-so-lofty expectations:

•   One of my happiest nights as a sports fan:

•   Looking into the future:

•   I’m digging the hats. But the jersey tops? Ehhh … my mother told me that if I had nothing nice to say, then it’s best to say nothing at all:

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