Moses' Decision, Ifedi Pushing Weights, Goodwin Misses the Cut, and Other Bears Bullets

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Moses’ Decision, Ifedi Pushing Weights, Goodwin Misses the Cut, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

My former neighbors are moved into their new place and are having a get-together. I’ve volunteered to grill two slabs of ribs. Here’s hoping the weather holds up long enough for excellence to manifest on the grill.

•   Not only did the Bears miss an opportunity to land an upgrade for their offensive line, they did so while passing on what looks to be a relative bargain. NFL Network insider Ian Rapoprt reports Morgan Moses’ deal with the Jets is a one-year pact worth $3.6 million in base salary. It’s a contract that could be worth up to $5.3 million with incentives. That’s a value deal for a starting-caliber offensive lineman at the end of June. I feel as if that type of deal could’ve fit within the Bears’ budgetary constraints. Maybe Moses really had a desire to play for the Jets. And if that’s the case, that’s fair. To each his own and all that jazz. But if the Bears could’ve pointed up a hair more, but didn’t, then I see this as a missed opportunity.

•   ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler adds Moses turned down a “significant two-year offer” from the Jets for the sake of the flexibility that comes with a one-year deal. So, yeah, I’d guess he wanted the Jets to rebuild his value, allow the market to rest, and seek a multi-year deal worth more money with an increased salary cap ceiling. Maybe the Bears will have an interest down the line? After all, they could be looking at a brand new right side with guard James Daniels and tackle Germain Ifedi set to hit free agency after the year ends.

•   Maybe it’s just me, but I think it’s a bit odd that the Bears are paying Ifedi, a player who was moved off tackle to guard more ($4.25M cash payout, per OTC) than Moses, a player who has made 96 consecutive starts at the same position. Clearly, the Bears like Ifedi a ton. He has size, skill, and a first-round pedigree. That will take you a long ways. But now, it’s up to OL Coach Juan Castillo to help iron out some consistency. And for what it’s worth, Castillo believes Ifedi has Pro Bowl potential. Charles Leno Jr. (2018) was the Bears’ last Pro Bowl tackle, with a tip-top season that earned him alternate honors. I’d consider that type of breakout to have come out of nowhere, so who’s to say lightning can’t strike twice.

•   I’m no weight-trining specialist, but it looks like Ifedi is moving serious weight here:

•   Once again, I’m geeked up about a potential training camp battle along the offensive line. The Bears still have at least (!) 96 different starting offensive line combinations they can sort through this summer. Some of which could include starting two rookies at tackle. Ultimately, we’re looking at Elijah Wilkinson, Larry Borom, Germain Ifedi, Alex Bars, James Daniels, and Sam Mustipher battling for two spots on the starting line. Six players. Two important roles on the offense. Let’s freaking go!

•   Ugh, bummer:

•   I’ll say this: That is still an impressive number. To jump that far and place 19th says all I need to know about his competition. Not to mention how athletic Marquise Goodwin is in his own right. All in all, I’m looking forward to seeing how Matt Nagy puts Goodwin’s speed and athleticism to good use.

•   Jeff Hughes (Da Bears Blog) declares his love for Soldier Field. The (current) home of the Bears has some real “face only a mother could love” qualities. But I won’t ignore people’s preferences. In fact, I appreciate someone who can love a stadium that is widely regarded as something that could be better on so many different levels. That’s a special type of love. And I respect that, even if I don’t agree.

•   Bears Day 3 pick Thomas Graham Jr. is celebrating a birthday today. Let’s enjoy some highlights:


•   Taking some time to remember the greatest halftime show in Super Bowl history:

•   Bruno Mars was good. I’ll say good things about The Weeknd’s show, which was one of the best of recent years. And I’ll always be fond of the Aerosmith/N’Sync/Nelly/Britney party. But Prince was epic.

•   The greatest and most unstoppable video game character in the history of sports gaming is celebrating a birthday today:

•   It really would:

•   Who are we rooting for in the Stanley Cup Final?

•   Time flies:

Author: Luis Medina

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